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February 10, 1967 Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404


R, EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secretary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison

Mr. John Mohr

Division of Land Development

Department of Housing and
Urban Development

Room 214

1730 K street, N. W.

Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. Mohr:

In response to your telephone call on Wednesday, February 8,
Iam attaching a sheet with the run-down of parks acquired under
the Open Space Program, total acreage, and annual anticipated

The Parks and Recreation Division compiled these figures on
the basis of actual programs in six parks which are partially
developed and by estimated annual participation figures of
undeveloped parks. The figures on anticipated participation
were developed from actual participation figures of existing
recreation programs in established parks using all aspects of
public recreation. Some examples of types of recreation used
are: low organized games, organized athletics and league play,
music, dancing, arts and crafts, teen clubs, Golden Age
activities, camping, etc.

Six of the parks acquired under the Open Space Program are
partially developed and serving the public now. In addition,
the Parks Department currently has under development in 1967
Cleveland Avenue, Benteen, Shady Valley, Waters, Collier
Driver, and Empire Boulevard Parks. After calendar year
1967 only two parks will remain with no development, Gun Club

and Browns Mill. Planning for the development of these two

TT Eee

Mr. Mohr
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February 10, 1967

parks is going ahead and they will be scheduled for development
at an early date.

If you require any other information regarding the Open Space
Program in Atlanta, please feel free to call on us,

Sincerely yours,
\ ra
Pics i Vireo ot
Dan Sweat

DS: fy

ec: Mr. Jack Delius
Parks Manager
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