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February 7, 1967

Mr. J, Carruth Stokes
Citizens Trust Company
965 Hunter St., N, W,
Atlanta, Georgda 30314

Dear Mr. Stokes:

Mr, Stan Martin, Parks Administrative Assistant, has
advised me that your institution is interested in a
joint venture with the Atlanta Jaycees and this depart-
ment of the City of Atlanta to provide a Recreation
Center in the Summerhill area and more particularly
located at 81 Little St., 5.E.

We are indeed pleased and indebted to your fine organi-
zation for your willingness te renovate the structure
and to provide as I understand it some of the needed


Mr. Martin has advised me that you wanted in writing
our offer to furnish one full—time Recreation Leader

to operate the Center during the hours that the Jaycees
cannot staff it because of their business committments,

Therefore, I wish to formally advise you that the Recreation
Division of the Department of Parks and Recreation will
furnish one fuli-time Recreation Leader during the duration
of the operation,

Thanking you again for your assistance and help, I remain


Jack C, Delius

ect Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor oe
Mr, Dan E. Sweat, Jr., Dir. of Governmental Liason
Miss Virginia Carmichael, Dir. of Recreation
Mr, Stan Martin

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