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February 26, 1969

Cyclorama Architects

c/o Thompson & Hancock Architects
3033 Maple Drive, N. E.

Atlante, Georgie 30305

Attention: Mr. Romulus H. Thompson,
Maneging Partner-in-Charge

Sear Tommy:

Thank you very much for your letter of Februery 17, 1969, which
was received Februery 21, regarding the Progrem on the Cyclorame
Building. The thirty-one odd areas of discussion you listed
ere certainly pertinent and important to the success of this


At the present time no actual funds have been allocated to this
ry i oon canaaen functions. Thug,
proceed as far as
this p his project, x do not have
ty nor do I ask you to proceed @o any work until
such time as ae resolution has passed the Board of Aldermen
officially naming your firm and that of Finch, Alexander, Barnes,
Rothschild & Paschal as co-pertners in the joint venture between
your firms and the City of Atlanta for the Cyclorama Project.

eee aeee Een Se ae oe of ee
sal for the Program dated Februery 16, 1969. However, I
7 ae tee eae ee boy caathsen Ge tek Cocaine
now ere in a position to need architecĀ«
the near future we probebly will need
in the field of ert, Lighting, sound,

L proceed to introduce a resolution
dermen of the City of Atlanta
re an Pee

Cyclorama Architects -~2Ā« Pebruery 26, 1969

Thank you for your patience, I am


Jack C. Delius
General Maneger of
Parks and Recreation

JCDs jw

ee:w/Enclosure: Honorable Charlie Leftwich
Honorable Buddy Powlkes
Honorable G. Everett Millican
Honereble Rodney Cook re
Mr. Re Earl Landers (Mayor's Office)
Mr. Thomas F. Choyce, Associute City neem
My. Stenley T. Martin, Jr., Assistant
Manager of Parks

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