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859-1/2 HUNTER STREET, N. W. SUITE 105 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30314 524-8054

December 8, 1967

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Office of The Mayor
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Allen:

I sincerely believe your hands are tied on this one, but, I feel I had
better bring it back into focus and especially since you have expressed mich con-
cern with the Vine City problem and, what could arise during the summer months.

Last night, I was invited into this area, specifically two apartments
and what I witnessed literally brought tears to my eyes, unpainted filthy walls,
poor lighting, and gereral deterioration in evidence throughout these dwelling
units, This is no doubt true in all of Vine City. Incidently, the rent for
one room and bath is $9.50 a month,

I could rationalize and say that the people living in this dastardly
situation should assume the landlordts responsibility, repair, and paint their
homes - = after all, "cleanliness is next to Godliness, but Mayor Allen, these
people are highly religious because on these filthy walls I saw crosses and pic-
tures of Jesus Christ. One lady informed me that she would paint her walls but
the landlord refused to previde the paint.

I know and I hope that you are aware of where the problem lies in Vine
City and ether slum areas SRR ENS this country; and that is with the building
inspectors and landlords.

When the people greeted me at their doors and through conversation
with them, I got the feeling that they were wondering just what did I really
want==- "[ wasn®t one of them"--[ had on nice clothes"--[ talked different than
them"--"Everybody has discussed us, but we haventt seen any changes,"

The Model Cities program is a start in the right direction, for it is
designed to make living conmlitions better for the underpriviledged and to upgrade
there status as well as their attitudes, However, we still have a long way to
go and as far as Vine City is concerned, we should have been there yesterday.

In the above paragraphs, I have reminded you of the problem and it is
unfair to present a problem without offering a solution, therefore, I am going to
recommend to the President and the NAACP Executive Board that they consider the
fellowing plan for possible implementation:


1, An emergency fund be established to be used to provide money to
relocate these citizens to other living quarters outside of Vine City. That
private charitable institutions and interested citizens be asked to contribute

te this fund.

2. Conduct a survey of all private apartments and home-owners re-
questing that as vacancies occur, earmark them for these people.

3. Provide commercial transportation for furniture removal.

. Provide money to each family involved to defray the cost of the
higher rent incurred, for a period of three months,

5. Buy tents and rent trailers to house them temporarily until other
permanent facilities can be obtained,

6. Buy good used furniture for those in need of it,

7. Find out how many of these people can be temporarily housed on
military installations,

There are many more details that will have to be worked out, however,
the above is the basic plan.

Wishing you and Mrs. Allen a very Merry Christmas and a New Year
of Prosperity.

I am
Sincerely your friend,

Rot TQ Hon

Robert B, Flanagan, Ex Secy.
Atlanta Branch NAACP

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