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April 4, 1967

Jesse Hit, Jr.

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor
City of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

This letter is written as directed by a special
conference today of Summit co-chairmen. The Saturday
morning issue of the Atlanta Constitution, April 1, 1967
carries the attached article by Alex Coffin. Included in
the article are references to an apparent interview with
you, listing the home address of Dr. A. M. Davis and re-
marks attributed to you as follows: Davis lives at 592
Waterford Drive NW, which connects with Skipper Drive.
"That might influence his position," the mayor said.

Mayor Allen consider the reference an intolerable
personal "dig" or "slur" against a dedicated and unselfish
leader in our community and an insult to the Negro communi-
ty. Dr. Davis is the president of the Atlanta Branch NAACP.
The actions and pronouncements made by Dr. Davis regarding
discriminatory housing in Atlanta were developed over a month
ago at all day conferences long before Dr. Davis had know-
ledge of the proposed Skipper Drive-Harwell Road area as a
possible site. If you were quoted accurately and in the
correct context, we feel that you have cast an unfair asper-
sion against Dr. Davis and we take exception to this "bad
taste" comment. We request that you apologize to Dr. Davis.
Very, very few of the busy professionals in our community
are willing to offer the service and leadership given by
Dr. Davis. In addition the NAACP, our oldest strongest and
most serviceable civil rights organization over the years,
is one of the major sponsors and member of the Atlanta Summit
Leadership Conference coalition.

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr
Atlanta, Georgia
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April 4, 1967

The issue referred to is not where Dr. Davis lives,
but the over saturation of the predominately Negro resi-
dential areas with public housing projects, which means
continued over crowding of schools, thus forcing Negro
children on double and triple sessions and built in school
segregation in the future. The city of Atlanta must face
up to providing housing for "human beings" and not housing
for Negroes, and housing for whites as is the case now.

The Summit Conference supports the Housing Program of
the NAACP. We hope that our relations with you, the fine
leadership you have given our city and the cooperation you
have given our community will not be damaged at this time.

We cannot over emphasize that Dr. Davis did not act as
an individual, he is the elected leader of largest paid
membership civil rights or civic organization in Atlanta,
and we insist that he is respected accordingly. He is act-
ing with a mandate of citizens and leaders.

Very truly yours,

Jesse Hill, Jr., SS chaleica

Ald. Q. V. Williamson, Co-Chairman
Rev. S. W. Williams, Co-Chairman

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