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December 7, 1967
Mr. W . M . Alexander
Adair Realty and Loan Company
56 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Bill:
I certainly appreciate your letter of December
6th regarding the SWAP meeting last Thursday.
I should like to thank you for your efforts to be
completely fair in this situation.
With best wishes for the Holiday Season, I am
Sincerely yours,
Ivan Allen, Jr .
�AJJdIR Yledr,@) r~=~


- Ai*-~A . GEORGIA 30301
December 6, 196? /\.,\\
The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
~ Q~
1~; ~
I would like to take this opportunity toe
ess my ap
very fine talk you gave at the SWAP Meeting last Thursd • I felt your
remarks were very appropriate and were exactly what the people in that
area needed to hear.
I am a lifelong resident of West End and Cascade Heights, and I mentioned
to Jack Adair recently of my concern for that area. I believe he mentioned
this to you. My concern is not only for Cascade and West End but for the
fact that the people moving out of that area are moving out of the city
of Atlanta, and in a lot of cases out of Fulton County, thinking that by
doing this they will leave the integration problem behind them. I have
attended most of the SWAP Meetings and got involved in a racial problem
in our own church, Audubon Forest Methodist. From my experience in these
two areas, I had an opportunity to discuss this overall problem with a
great number of people in our neighborhood. As I mentioned to Jack, I
intended to get in touch with you to discuss the feelings of the people
in the area, but unfortunately _I never got around to it. Apparently,
from the remarks you made you are very aware of the feelings of this area.
It concerns me that so many of the people blame the City Administration
for the problems of Cascade Heights, not only your administration, but
also Bill Hartsfield's. My experiences in this problem go back to the
time when several of my friends were forced to move from the Mozley Park
area. During the recent discussions, I have tried to convince the people
that I have talked to that this has been a natural movement of the negros
from the West Side on into the Southwest section, rather than a deliberate
plan of the City Administration.
It is true that it is much more difficult for a colored family to obtain
a home loan in other parts of Atlanta, and, in my opinion, this is part of
�The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
iDecember 6, 1967
Page 2
the overall problem we are facing, rather than a deliberate attempt on
the part of the City Administration to establish the Southwest section
as the colored part of town. I think it is incumbent upon us who live
in the Cascade area to publicize and sell the rest of the city on the
fine residential area that we have, in spite of the integration. If
we can hold out long enough for people's prejudice to be worn down and
their thinking changed on this matter, I believe we will have helped to
establish an integrated city, rather than an all negro city as the trend
certainly now seems to be.
Being a native Atlantan, I have grown up with the prejudice against
living in an integrated neighborhood. IDuring the past year, after
meeting the negros moving into Cascade Heights, my thinking has changed.
This has also been true of a number of my friends. There also have been
people moving into the area without this prejudice and others wanting
to live in an integrated neighborhood. I believe these factors coupled
with the, so far, successful integration of Southwest High School can
go a long way toward maintaining a successfully integrated city. We
will need help from the churches, business community, school administration, and city politicians.
Any attention and help you can give us in this area will be greatly
appreciated. If I can be of any help to you in this regard, please do
not hesitate to call me.
Very truly yours,
W. M. Alexander
Mr. Jack Adair

.~ J
4-) (Y ~
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Chee 11,~
e Sou
si de ' s O



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· 10<;: COPY
OCTOBER 19, 1967
@Ju u
hou sing.
2) Approval of 558 221 (cl)
(3) moderate-income units the
east s ide of F airburn Ro ad,
north of Sewell Road.
3) Appr oval of 48 conventionaJ moderate- income units
on the north side of Gordon
Road, wes t of Adamsville Drive.
Should the AJder man ic Zoning
Committee and the full AJcler manic Board approve these proposaJ s, ther e would be a total of
1,700 units of low and mode r ateincome housing between Boulder Park and Wes t Manor .
SWAP membe r s we r e urged
to attend the Aldermanic Zoning
Committee meeting at 2 p.m.,
Thur sday, Oct. 19, at wh ich the
Ad a m s vill e Drive propos al
comes up, and the mee ting at
2 p.m., Thur sday, Oct. 26, when
the proposals a ff e c t i n g the
Sewell F airburn s ites com e befo re the Commit tee.
Mr s . Xernona Clayton, secr etary of SW AP, sugges ted that
HUD (Hous ing · and Urban Development) be contact ed lo let
them know that the gr oup dis approves of such concentration
of low- income units in this
The gr oup gener aJ ly expres sed the feeling that they do not
mind having low to mode r ateincome hou s ing in the area,
bul that they do feel th at other
areas of the city should share
the housing.
Mrs. Cl ayton also said that
SW AP mus t do some ground
Zo~ i g
oa r
l o Hear
roposa ls
(See e rlito r i a l on Pa g e 4)
Th e members of Southwest Atl a nt a ns for
Pro gress (SWAP ) were u rged at t he i r me e t in g l ast Thursd a y ni g ht , Oct. 12 , t o oppo se
th e propos a l of the At l anta-Fult on County
Pl an ning Bo a rd, ma de the d ay b efore , to
pl a c e ap prox i ma t e ly 1,200 "lo w t o mo de r ate - inc o m e" h o u s ing unit s in th e ar e a
bet ween Bould er P a rk a nd C as c a d e He ig ht s .
The West End Bus iness tAen's
Association, s i m il a r l y, has
passe d a r esolution which s ays
" we r equest and strongly r ecommend that no fu r ther public
hous ing be pl aced in Southwest
Atlanta until other sections of
our City have taken the ir pror ata share of public hous ing
Th e Ass ociat ion resolution
further s tates that " we believe
there is land available which
can be acquired for public housing in all _portions of the City
of Atlant a. • •we fc: el lhatSoulhwc,s t Atl ant a !Jas now r eached
a -;alurati on point in re~arrJ to
public hou s in ~. "
Rev. J ames Cos ten, co chairm an of SW AP, a bi- r ac ial
group tryln~ to s tabilize the
interr ated W0,;t Manor r;cctlon
of Ca:-;cade II eicl1ts, opened the
meeting in the Parrish House of
, the Church of the Incarn ation,
EpiscopaJ, on Cascade Road,
a nd then tu rned it ove r to
Rober t Haver, hi s co-chair man,
who br ought before the gr oup the
decis ion of the Planning Board.
The Board app r oved four pr ojects containing 1,436 low and
mode r ate- income housing units.
1, 256 of which would di rectly
affect the Southwes t area .
The three actions affecting
the South west ar ea are:
1) Approval oi GSO "turnkey" units on the nor lh s ide
of Sewell Hoad, just wes t of
the Atlant a Coas t Linc tr ac ·s.
The US Depar tmrnl of Hous ing
and Urban Development has tentative ly approved private devclop0rs to bu ild tile unit s, then
turn them ove r lo the Atl anta
Hous ing Authority for public
work before the Alder manic
Zoning Com mittee meets and
th at th ey must also follow un
their appeal to the comm ittee
so that the Comm ittee does not
deny perm iss ion for the location of the hou s ing units at the
r egular meeting, and then turn
around and approve them in a
meeting generally not known
about, as they did with 500
units al ready approved in the
Fai rburn-S ewell ar ea.
Mrs. Mary F r ances Peters
introduce d the ladies who participated in the panel discuss ion, " A Woman's Point of
View," th e scheduled progr am,
The ladie s wer e Mis s Susan
Ross, a s tudent of Southwes t
High School who has attended
segregated, long- time integr ated, and newly- integr ated high
sch ools.
Mrs. H.Y, Hutcheson, who is
associated with Audubon F ore s t
Methodist Chu r ch and is also the
mother of six children, was the
second par ticipant. And Mrs .
Lee Shelton, wife of Dr. Lee
Shell.on and the mother of fou r ,
was the third membe r of the
panel wh o fill ed in fo r 1Irs.
William Alexander who was unabl e to attend.
The ladies talke d br iefl y on
the progr es s and problems of
integr ation fro m their own
points of view,
The fl oor was then opened to
discussion. The open for um,
which lasted appr oximately an
hour and a half, produce d questions and answe r s on the school
integr at ion problems, the fears
that both white and Kegro mother s might have, and what their
(Cont. o n P a ge 5)
': * ... * .:
C ons i d e rat i on of over 1 ,2 00 l o w-cost
h o u s i ng un i t s for So ut h west Atl a nt:1. ha s
b ee n po s tpon e d u ntil Nov . 9 by th e Al de r m an i c Zon i n g C o m m it tee , accor di ng t o Tom
Shuttl ew o r th of th e C i t y P l anning Dcp:ntmcnt.
The following individu a ls or
groups of individu als are op posed to any more "low rent,"
" public," " t urnkey," or wh a t have -y ou . hou s in g in t h e West,
South we st a nd Southeast sec tions of the City of Atlant a .
The Board of Directors of
the West End B u s in ess Men ' s
As sociation ; the Bo ul der Park
Civic Assoc i at i on ; th e Citi zens
Advisory Com mitt ee o f West
End Urba n Re n ewal~.) severa l
members of Southwest Atlan t a ns for Progress (S W AP ) , in cluding the t w o co - chairmen,
Hev . James Co s t e n and Bob Haver ;
Re v. Hugh B rooks, pastor of
wes t En d Baptist Church; . Ed ga r Schukraft, the spea r head
be hin d t he We st, E nd Urban
Rene w a l Proj e ct; Sta te Rep .
Fred Wi nk l e s o f Sout hwest At l a nt a ; a nd Tom Ox nard, editor
o f th i s n e wspap er .
T here a r e probably mo r e in d iv id u a l s a nd g roups a lso op pos e d , b ut, fr a nkly, we didn ' t
have the time to get everyone ' s
The gene r al opinion is th a t
the a bove - named sections of
Atlanta have a l ready had the ir
p r orata sha r e of this type of
housing .
It is time, NOW, for the
Northside and other sections
of Metropolitan Atlan ta , to get
involved in the socia l problems
of o ur d a y .
In the words of the re so lu tion of the ·West End Business
Men ' s Associat i on :
" We re quest and strongly recommend
that no further public hou s ing
be pl a c ed in Southwes t Atl ant a
until other s e ctions of our City
have take n th e ir pror a ta sh a r e
of publ ic housin g un itso"
Show up a t city hall tod ay
(Thursd ay) a t 2 p . m. in th e
Alderm a nic C h ambe rs to h e ar
y our s e ction of the city be in g '
di s cussed .
Need we say more?
�September lZ, 1967
M rs. John C. Hoke
1682 Centra Villa Drive, S . W .
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mrs . Hoke:
Thi will acknowledge receipt of your letter of
September 6th.
Obviou ly I do not agree with the views outlined
in your letter.
Sincerely yours,
Ivan Allen, Jr.
�========== = =~ :-----=--- - -- ----
Atlanta Ga,
Sep. 6 1967.
Hon. Mayor Ivan Allen
Mayor City of Atla nta
Atlanta Georgia.
Dear Mayor Allen,
In regard to an editorial appearing in the atl a nta
journa l September 6th, headed At lant a a nd h ousing ., We the residents of
the Cas cad e se well ro a d s ection have d i scussed t h is same s u bject very ma ny
times. We can't understand wh y you and y our aldermanic board have seen fit
to push the bulk of negroes to this section. The work going on in We s t
End is for sure,for t he ne g roes, apa r tments have been built by the hundre d s
for negroes, they have taken_,. the white people' s homes a-- wa y f r om them that
to ok years to beautif y a nd build.
We underst a nd that the real esta te people on the north sid e h a v e bee n
ins truc ted nmt to sell to· negroes, also banks a re reluc t ant to lend negroes
money to buy on the North sid~. There are no neg ro projects g ping on in
the north side o f the city·, a·lso no ne g roes live in Buckhead, Pe achtree
road o r any of t he nice sections of t he north side.
This i nflux to Casca de, We s t End Se well section ha s been influenced
by city g overme n t. Appa re n,:t l y you d o not ua n t t h e m on y our s ide o f town
or f or neig h b ors , resident s in the Sou t h ~e st are moving eve ry d ay .
The purpose of i n te g r a ti on was t o h a ve ne g roes move in a ll sections
of the city, but t h e y a re being encoura g ed t o settle in one s ec t ion t h us
caus i n g no integ r a tion a t a ll, ve r y s o on i t wi l lb e all ne g ro.
I am s ure with Hank Aarons mon e y h e cou l d aff ord a h ome i n y our se ction ,
We hav e h ad t o pu t u p wi t h t h e riff r _ff f r om Wa shing t on s t r e e t a nd
Cap i t o l a ve etc, s ince t he cha n g e in tha t se ct i on now wi th Mart i n Lut her ' s
c hurc h t aki ng ov er Capitol homes will b e more a nd more negroes .
Would lik e f o r y om to rea d t h i s ed i t o r i a l i f y ou h a ve n' t a l ready .
We are v ery mu c h dis t u r b ed a s I am s u r e y ou would b e, l f y ou we r e a
midd l e clas s person trying t o live i n a de c e n t n e i 5 hb o rhood.
It i s e mb arra s s i n g to h a ve curiousity s ee k ers ride in t h is section to
se e the for s a le s igms a~t!ier1( i s one in prac tica lly eve ry y a r d in s ome
sections of fi f ty t h mus ana~ cfmes and many h i g h priced home s .
Hopin g to have your view on thi s v,hich would ma k e it clearer to
mys elf a nd n eighb ors what will t a ke pla ce.
Sincere l y
Mrs . John C. Hoke
1 682 Ce n t r a Villa Drive Ajla n ta
�May 26, 1967
Mr. Fred L . Shoenberger
420 Lynhurst Drive , S . W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30311
Dear Mr. Shoenberger :
which they are working.
I have publically on many occasions advocated a National
fair hou ing Act, nd I am glad to reiterate that position.
Every effort is being m de to maintain and improv schools
and public ervice in ide the corporate limits of Atlanta.
I am delighted to comm nd the SWAP group for what th y
are doing and m
every £fort to se that they secure
full cooper tion fr.o m th Atlanta city government nd the
many ci vie organization
hich can be of help.
From time to time. I will ttempt to keep the org ization
informed of the m ny efforts that ar being made by the city
and f urth r extend our cooper tion.
Ivan Allen, Jr.
�MaY 20, 1967
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Ga.
Dear Mr. Mayor:
I am a resident of Soutlnvest Atlanta, and an active participant in Southwest Atla.ntans for Progress ("SWAP"). Yesterday I met
with a group including the Community Relations Council. I was asked
by one member, "What can we do to help. 11
As I am confident that they reflect your desire to foster
activities which can validate and improve Atlanta as a place to live,
I am writing to suggest a possible way in which you could help us do
our part of this job.
A positive letter of support for the direction we are
in attempting to stabilize our cunnnunity as a thorough]¥ integrated
one would be quite encouraging, especially if permission were granted
to publish the letter through Atlanta news media.
I have no intention of attempting to direct such a letter .
should you write one, but offer the following i deas as possible s eeds
for your own t hinki ng .
1. Support of the idea of a stabilize d community a s a s tarti ng
p oint for a s t abilized (and integrated) Atlanta .
Open housing agreements or l egislation .
3. The maintainance, and even enhancement, of school quality
and of public services in this area o
4. A statement of your continued interest in and observation
of what is going on here .
The preceding are by no means exhaustive. Mr. Shelton, Mrs.
Bullard, or others of your Council may be offered as persons who have
talked with some of us on the spot and would perhpas have politically
appropriate suggestions to make.
t~4',_. ~§'
Fred L. ~hoenberger
420 Lynhurst Dr.,
Atlanta, Ga. 30311
�SN '
May 22,
19 67
Does the law offer John Q. Citizen any protection
whatsoever from unscrupulous real estate operators? Will
Atlanta become another Washington and, if so, who will pay
the taxes?
A case in point is the Cascade Heights area.
Someone, for reasons known only to himself, is approached
by or gets in touch with an operator who sells real estate
primarily to Negroes.
A sale is made and the rumors start,
some of them probably planted.
People panic and then other
operators zero in on the area and start a flood of letters
(see attached), phone calls and knocks on the door.
It is
a frightening thing to see the reaction of the people.
Carloads of Negroes cruise the area.
One more neighbo ~hood
has received the "kiss of death." When the word get:s out,
it is impossible to sell except to Negroes.
Check the Red
Bud Lane section and see for yourself.
My neighborhood, a different one from that above,
has just received the kiss that can bring disaster.
are trying desperately to hold it together.
In our ~jsa, 1
an all-white neighborhood, the ~ ale was made at midnight,
literally, two weeks ago last Saturday.
Most of us move into a particular area because
we like the neighborhood, we know the people, or as a matter
of economics.
Some are retired people with limited incomes;
some are middle-aged who, after rearing their children, were
looking forward to a more leisurely life; many are young
couples who have just purchased their first home.
In the
latter case, particularly, it has taken all they can rake
and scrape to make the down payment.
Now, with their homes
deflated, what are they oing to do fo r money in order to
make a fresh start somewhere else? We, too, should have a
choice in selecting our neighbors.
Why do we not have speculative housing for Ne g ro e s
in st ea d o f destroying established are a s -- or i s th e r e mo re
p ro fi t i n bl o c~bustin g ?
I am a r e a l per s on, but I f ea r ha ras sm e n t if y
name gets ou t.
I can b e reac h e d th r ough Mr. To a Ox n ar d at
The We ekly St ar if an y o ne desire s verifi c a t i o n o f the a b ove .
Enclo s ure
Copy to:
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. / /
Eugene Patt e r s on , Editor , Th e Atlanta Constitution
Frank Sisson, Ga. Real Estate Com ission
~ho Uoo~lw
�.. .
PH O NE 7 6 6- 56S6
February 7, 1967
-- - ' - .- -- - -- _· '
Mr .
North Shor e Drive, SW
Atlan~a , Georgia 303 11
Dear Mr .
As a home owne r in the Sewell-Cascade
the f uture of yo ur property holds for
advi ce fr om us t o induce you to sell,
is this letter a s olicitation for you
area, no doubt you are wondering what
you . First, may we say this is NOT
rent or retain your property . NEITHER
to sell or rent through this firm .
We would li ke t o point out that after due deliberation we undertook to be
of service t o property owners of your area when others declined to ·do so.
Where others feared to tread we faced the problem and concluded we could
market real estate in your area. Our faith in ourselves has been more than
justified as evidenced by the sale and closing of the following properties
siryce _July 1, 1966 . ( Others sold, await~ng closing date . )
West Manor Cir.b;n/~
Lynfield Dr. h CJ,.~
Lynfield Dr.)17Y1 ~
Cedar Island Dr.JV~
3316 Pamlico Dr.~
3399 Pamlico Dr.'J-~ ~
512 Hiawassee Dr . / Y ~
974 Veltre C i r c l ~
3383 Anne lai ne Dr . RK fl~
700 Lynn Cir cle ~
3389 Sewe ll Roa d ~
3394 Sewell R o a d ~
We re co gnize this is not setting the world on fire , but in view of the past
tig ht money market, we be lieve t hi s is better t han anyone e lse has done in
your area. We are hapoy to r epo r t t he s upply of money is becoming available
again and we are anticipating a gr ea t ye a r i n real estate sales .
The above information i s given for your cons id e rat ion in t he event you are
planning t o sell now or at a f uture date . If s o, we would appreciate the
opportunity of discussing the matter with yo u . For a consultation without
any obligation on your part, call 7~6-5656.
Very truly yours,
�April 22, 1967
Mayor Ivan Allen
Board of Aldermen
City Hall
68 Mitchell Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Sirs:
It is past time for pressure on the Southwest section of Atlanta to be taken off the
home owners. Most of these very fine citi2ens built homes in this section planning
to live there a lifetime and many have been residents for over twenty years. Their
homes are in the $20,000 to $50,000 range and the neighborhoods are beautifully kept.
From this section clllliles some of the outstanding citizens of Atlanta and Georgia, but
if city hall continues to ignore the integration, or resegregation, of this one
section of Atlanta it will soon affect the entire city. The neighborhoods will no
longer be integrated; they will be all Negro and the former home owners will have
moved entirely out of Fulton county •••••• as many say they will do if they have to
give up their homes.
How many of you have taken the time, or cared enough, to ride out in this lovely section
to see the for sale signs that fill each street? Have you given any thought as to the
far-reaching affect of this fear? For sale signs should be banned from in front of all
Most residents who would like to stay, even with some integration, do not wish to be the
only white resident on a street and some discussion with both whites and Negroes should
come from city hall. Other areas of Atlanta should be opened to these Ne groes seeking
homes in all white neighborhoods.
Pressure tactics are being used by real estate .companies and more and more signs are
appearing in front of homes. If the present trend continues, Atlanta will soon be
another Washington, D. C. and the prestige of Atlanta will disappear.
It should be .in the interest of all good citizens of Atlanta, who are interested in the
general welfare of Atlanta, to try to help stabilize the Southwest section - Cascade
Heights, West Manor, Audubon Forest, King's Forest, etc •• Some encouragement from the
mayor and councilmen of this city would certainly be most helpful and encouraging to
these citizens struggling under pressure.
If these people do not receive any help from this direction, then the Northside could easily
undergo the same transition in the future and then the feelings and frustrations of the
Southwest citizens will be better understood by others in Atlanta.
This is an urgent matter and we earnestly .seek your full cooperation.
Thank you.
Citizens of Southwest Atlanta
List of nam~s
Clipping from Atlanta Journal-Constitution
. ~ -J £ di~
71/~pd ~
/J</l,o qii a L,l
7l"!'-4 ·
ea .w ~
VJ .
~; !Jl
Atlanta and Ho'Using
MAYOR IVAN Allen's effort to replace 17,000
slum housing units with good low - cost
units has run into near - sightedness in the
Board of Aldermen.
Lt also is being mired in old discriminatory
practices by construction, sales, rental and
lending institutions in the housing field. More
and more it is becoming evident that Atlanta
must tackle its housing problems as a whole.
If nothing else indicates that, then what is
happening in Milwaukee should. Milwaukee is
having demonstrations, which sometimes are
breaking into violence, because it has not
faced up to housing discrimin·ation. Louisville
not long ago had a serious period of deadlock
and unrest for the same reason. Atlanta cannot avoid this unless it faces the problem.

THE MAYOR'S "CRASH" program on
housing is directed not toward bhe discrimination problem but simply toward the shortage
of units. Giving this No. 1 priority in the
city's affairs last November, he set a goal
of 16,800 low-eost units by 1971. Within that
goal was an interim target of 9,800 units during 1967 and 1968.
At first the response appeared to be good.
By May, the mayor's Housing Resources Committee reported that 7,264 units were "in
sight," with more bhan half of these in the
"firm" category and the rest marked "probable."


BUT EVEN THEN THE housing committee
was cautious. It said that there was "little
reason to assume an optimistic attitude toward
future efforts," and added: "At this time combinations of federal policies, zoning problems,
land costs, code requirements and general un,
cez-!ainty pertaining to the program have se- - - __.._ ,,
Zll · ££
. _·8upU!l!d AS\?;) 'lS'BJ JO .i .
AYlll puD


' '":;:~;1


................. ,
TO: - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - FROM:
Ivan Allen, Jr.
For your information
Please refer to the attached correspondence and make the
necessary repl y.
FO RM 25- 4
Advise me the s tatu s of the attached.
PHONE JA. 2•4 463
Iva n All en , Jr. , Mayor
»u t/4J
/ t ~ ~ ~ y
�~!!!!!!!!!!------~·'P""'!" ...
~ bt .atlanta ]ournal and CONSTITUTION
SUNDAY, MAY 14, 1967
.acists Excuse'
to live like human beings.
They've got to be prepared to
Mrs. Hurley said she believes
!,_ most Negroes "feel this is their
j country. They have allegiance
e to their country.
Among us there are many
s who abhor war, but if we're at
e war, the majority of Negroes
e are going to support it."
She predicted that the calls of
King a nd Carmichael for Nes gro youths to ignore the draft
"will be largely unanswered except by people of SNCC and, that
kind - and they are precious
In fact, she added, the nation 's record of greatest advances in r ace relations has OC·
curred in time of war . War, a lthough unfortunate, "throws
men together and allows them
to understand each other."
contention that the war takes
away from the anti-poverty program as " baloney."
Congressmen like Sen. Everrett Dirksen, R-Ill., " are throwing stumbling blocks in the way
of civil rights," she believes.
The money is available, but not
With 400 branches in the
Southeast, Mrs. Hurley's NAACP
is touching more individuals
• tha n any civil rights organization.
"Nobody," she stresses, "can
speak for all Negroes . We can
a only say what we think Negores ought to want."
branches are encouraged to
meet problems in their own
communities .
Like the other civil r ights
spokesmen, Mrs. Hurley doubts
that the kind of movement that
existed in the earlier 1960s, will
return .
. .
"THE BIG JOB now 1s 1mplementation of laws. ~ uch of
what we're dealing with 1s called
politics r ather tha n emotionalism ."
The National Urban League,
whose major push is retraining
for jobs and upgrading of Negro skills through its Pro)ect
Assist, has just opened offtc_es
in Jackson, Miss., and Columbia,
S.C. Negotiations are in progress toward moving into Albany.
Heman Sweatt associate director of ~he U~b_a n Lea~e's
Southern field office, beh~~es
the vulnerability for exploth~g
emotions still exists but wtll
com~ from " spontaneo~s leJJ.dersh1p at the local level.
Sweatt says white leaders,
fearful of Negro unrest, are ~ •
ginning to realize "that 11
volvement of people". ~nd_ 3
greater sense of part1cipatwn
are answers. But they're no t
mobilizing to meet the needs .
A civil-rights movement will
be fu nctioning, Sweatt assures,
" but at a differe nt level than
in the past."
Soc ialists Qui t
The pub-
Mrs. lishe rs of the Socialist tabloid
Hl11'ley says gets the facts and Sunday Citizen have announced
d turns to militance " only after
' we've been rebuffed at every
·1 turn,' has picked employment
and housing as its major current programs. However, all
it will suspend publication with
its June 18 issue, largely because of difficulties arising from
the government's wage - price
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dairy state, producing magnificent milk, butter and cheese.
The dairy industry of that state
has been a source of both chalJenge and despair to others in
the same competitive business.
But her cities also grew .
Housewives with budgets began
to patronize bootleg m argarine
vendors. In the manner that liquor dealers will build along
highways just outside a dr y
county or state, margarine dealers m ade their goods ava ilable
near the Wisconsin line. Thrifty
housewives nearby drove across
and purchased. Those who lived
at distances depended on services that brought the packages
in for pr ivate sale. The law,
which pr ohibited the m anufacture or sale of colored oleo and
put a tax of 15 cents per pound
on any officially imported, became archaic a nd preposterous.
essene Power
As the cities grew, the rural
legislative power lessened. It
was ended when the federal
courts required reapportionment to make, as nearly as posible, each voter's ballot equal
to his neighbor 's.
A third factor politically related to the othe~s was the loss
of farm populatio~. The power
of the Midwest farm bloc today
is still great. But it is not the
same bloc as that of even 20
years ago - certainly not that
0 ~

._,....,_; n .. 11 ..
in the nation. Today, Iowa 's agriculture br ings in recor d totals.
But it is more than doubled hy
industrial income. Iowa's farm
population grows less and less
as farms grow larger and become more mechanized.
Wisconsin 's fa ilure to support
butter " m anufact w·ed by God"
and other modifications in the
nation's agricultural life explain
much about America and the
change that continues, day after
Minister Quits
Pulpit to Join
Maddox as Aide
Presbyterian minister, the Rev.
Clifford H. Brewton, has resigned from his pastorate to become an aide to Gov. Lester
" I was notified by the governor that he has appointed me to
his staff as an aide effective
J une 1," Brewton told his parish
by letter Saturday. "I have accepted the appointment and will
be moving to Atlanta."
Brewton is pastor of the Hull
Memorial Presbyterian Church,
one of two Savannah churches
that withdrew last December
from the Southern Presbyterian
"'- - ·~


<><>~ what. his
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