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OCTOBER 19, 1967
@Ju u
hou sing.
2) Approval of 558 221 (cl)
(3) moderate-income units the
east s ide of F airburn Ro ad,
north of Sewell Road.
3) Appr oval of 48 conventionaJ moderate- income units
on the north side of Gordon
Road, wes t of Adamsville Drive.
Should the AJder man ic Zoning
Committee and the full AJcler manic Board approve these proposaJ s, ther e would be a total of
1,700 units of low and mode r ateincome housing between Boulder Park and Wes t Manor .
SWAP membe r s we r e urged
to attend the Aldermanic Zoning
Committee meeting at 2 p.m.,
Thur sday, Oct. 19, at wh ich the
Ad a m s vill e Drive propos al
comes up, and the mee ting at
2 p.m., Thur sday, Oct. 26, when
the proposals a ff e c t i n g the
Sewell F airburn s ites com e befo re the Commit tee.
Mr s . Xernona Clayton, secr etary of SW AP, sugges ted that
HUD (Hous ing · and Urban Development) be contact ed lo let
them know that the gr oup dis approves of such concentration
of low- income units in this
The gr oup gener aJ ly expres sed the feeling that they do not
mind having low to mode r ateincome hou s ing in the area,
bul that they do feel th at other
areas of the city should share
the housing.
Mrs. Cl ayton also said that
SW AP mus t do some ground
Zo~ i g
oa r
l o Hear
roposa ls
(See e rlito r i a l on Pa g e 4)
Th e members of Southwest Atl a nt a ns for
Pro gress (SWAP ) were u rged at t he i r me e t in g l ast Thursd a y ni g ht , Oct. 12 , t o oppo se
th e propos a l of the At l anta-Fult on County
Pl an ning Bo a rd, ma de the d ay b efore , to
pl a c e ap prox i ma t e ly 1,200 "lo w t o mo de r ate - inc o m e" h o u s ing unit s in th e ar e a
bet ween Bould er P a rk a nd C as c a d e He ig ht s .
The West End Bus iness tAen's
Association, s i m il a r l y, has
passe d a r esolution which s ays
" we r equest and strongly r ecommend that no fu r ther public
hous ing be pl aced in Southwest
Atlanta until other sections of
our City have taken the ir pror ata share of public hous ing
Th e Ass ociat ion resolution
further s tates that " we believe
there is land available which
can be acquired for public housing in all _portions of the City
of Atlant a. • •we fc: el lhatSoulhwc,s t Atl ant a !Jas now r eached
a -;alurati on point in re~arrJ to
public hou s in ~. "
Rev. J ames Cos ten, co chairm an of SW AP, a bi- r ac ial
group tryln~ to s tabilize the
interr ated W0,;t Manor r;cctlon
of Ca:-;cade II eicl1ts, opened the
meeting in the Parrish House of
, the Church of the Incarn ation,
EpiscopaJ, on Cascade Road,
a nd then tu rned it ove r to
Rober t Haver, hi s co-chair man,
who br ought before the gr oup the
decis ion of the Planning Board.
The Board app r oved four pr ojects containing 1,436 low and
mode r ate- income housing units.
1, 256 of which would di rectly
affect the Southwes t area .
The three actions affecting
the South west ar ea are:
1) Approval oi GSO "turnkey" units on the nor lh s ide
of Sewell Hoad, just wes t of
the Atlant a Coas t Linc tr ac ·s.
The US Depar tmrnl of Hous ing
and Urban Development has tentative ly approved private devclop0rs to bu ild tile unit s, then
turn them ove r lo the Atl anta
Hous ing Authority for public
work before the Alder manic
Zoning Com mittee meets and
th at th ey must also follow un
their appeal to the comm ittee
so that the Comm ittee does not
deny perm iss ion for the location of the hou s ing units at the
r egular meeting, and then turn
around and approve them in a
meeting generally not known
about, as they did with 500
units al ready approved in the
Fai rburn-S ewell ar ea.
Mrs. Mary F r ances Peters
introduce d the ladies who participated in the panel discuss ion, " A Woman's Point of
View," th e scheduled progr am,
The ladie s wer e Mis s Susan
Ross, a s tudent of Southwes t
High School who has attended
segregated, long- time integr ated, and newly- integr ated high
sch ools.
Mrs. H.Y, Hutcheson, who is
associated with Audubon F ore s t
Methodist Chu r ch and is also the
mother of six children, was the
second par ticipant. And Mrs .
Lee Shelton, wife of Dr. Lee
Shell.on and the mother of fou r ,
was the third membe r of the
panel wh o fill ed in fo r 1Irs.
William Alexander who was unabl e to attend.
The ladies talke d br iefl y on
the progr es s and problems of
integr ation fro m their own
points of view,
The fl oor was then opened to
discussion. The open for um,
which lasted appr oximately an
hour and a half, produce d questions and answe r s on the school
integr at ion problems, the fears
that both white and Kegro mother s might have, and what their
(Cont. o n P a ge 5)
': * ... * .:
C ons i d e rat i on of over 1 ,2 00 l o w-cost
h o u s i ng un i t s for So ut h west Atl a nt:1. ha s
b ee n po s tpon e d u ntil Nov . 9 by th e Al de r m an i c Zon i n g C o m m it tee , accor di ng t o Tom
Shuttl ew o r th of th e C i t y P l anning Dcp:ntmcnt.

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