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The Southside


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A4eyer Allen


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“OCTOBER 19, 1967,


Severall Oprra¢


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Zoning Board To Hear Proposals

(See editorial on Page 4)

The members of Southwest Atlantans for
Progress (SWAP) were urged at their meet-
ing last Thursday night, Oct. 12, to oppose
the proposal of the Atlanta-Fulton County
Planning Board, made the day before, to

place approximately 1,200

‘low to mo-

derate-income”’ housing units in the area
between Boulder Park and Cascade Heights.

The West End Business Men’s
Association, similarly, has
passed a resolution which says
“we request and strongly re-
commend that no further public
housing be placed in Southwest
Atlanta until other sections of
our City have taken their pro-
rata share of public housing

The Association resolution
further states that ‘‘we believe
there is land available which
can be acquired for public hous-
ing in all portions of the City
of Atlanta, . .we feel thatSouth-
west Atlanta has now reached
a jaturation point in regard to
public housing,”’

Rey. James Coslen, co-
chairman of SWAP, a bi-racial
group trying to stabilize the
integrated West Manor section
of Cascade Ieiglits, opened the

meeting in the Parrish House of

_ the Church of the Incarnation,

Episcopal, on Cascade Road,
and then turned it over to
Robert Haver, his co-chairman,
who brought before the group the
decision of the Planning Board,
The Board approved four pro-
jects containing 1,436 low dnd
moderate~income housing units,
1,256 of which would directly
affect the Southwest area.

The three actions affecting
the Southwest area are;

1) Approval of 650 “turn=
hey”? units on the north side
of Sewell Road, just west of
the Aflanta Coast Line tracks,
The US Department of Housing
and Urban Development has ten-
tatively approved private de-
velopers to build the units, then
turn them over to the Atlanta
Housing Authority for public

se Low Rent Mowsgn GF


2) Approval of 558 221 (d)
(3) moderate-income units the
east side of Fairburn Road,
north of Sewell Road,

8) ‘Approval of 48 conven-
tional moderate-income units
on the north side of Gordon
Road, west of Adamsville Drive,

Should the Aldermanic Zoning
Committee and the full Alder-
manic Board approve these pro~
posals, there would be a total of
1,700 units of low and moderate-
income housing between Boul-

‘der Park and West Manor,

SWAP members were urged
to attend the Aldermanic Zoning
Commiitee meeting at 2 p.m.,
Thursday, Oct, 19, “at which the
Adamsville Drive proposal
comes up, and the meeting at
2p.m, , Thursday Oct, 26, when
the proposals affecting the
SewellFairburn sites come be-
fore the Committee,

Mrs. Xernona Clayton, sec-
retary of SWAP, suggested that
HUD (Housing ’ and Urban De=
velopment) be contacted to let
them know that the group dis-
approves of such concentration
of low-income units in this

The group gencrally expres-
sed the feeling that they do not
mind having low to moderate-
income housing in the area,
but that they do feel that other
areas of the city should share
the housing.

Mrs, Clayton also said that
SWAP must do some ground

work before the Aldermanic
Zoning Committee meets and
that they must also follow up
their appeal to the committee
so that the Committee does not
deny permission for the loca-
tion of the housing units at the
regular meeting, and then turn
around and approve them in a
meeting generally not known
about, as they did with 500
units already approved in the
Fairburn-Sewell area,

Mrs. Mary Frances Peters
introduced the ladies who par-
ticipated in the panel discus-
sion, ‘A Woman’s Point of
View,’”’ the scheduled program,
The ladies were Miss Susan
Ross, a student of Southwest
High School who has attended
segregated, long-time integra-
ted, and newly-integr ated high

Mrs, H.Y. Hutcheson, who is
associated with AudubonF orest

Methodist Church and is alsothe
mother of six children, was the
second participant, And Mrs,
Lee Shelton, wife of Dr, Lee
Shelton and the mother of four,
was the third member of the
panel who filled in for Mrs,

William Alexander who was un~
able to attend,

The ladies talked briefly on
the progress and problems of
integration from their own
points of view.

The floor was then opened to
discussion, The open forum,
which lasted approximately an
hour and a half, produced ques-
tions and answers on the school
integration problems, the fears
that both white and Negro mo-
thers might have, and what their

(Cont. on Page 5)


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housing units for

of over

1,200 low-
st Atlanta


been postponed until Nov. 9 by the Alder-
manic Zoning Committee, according to Tom
Shuttleworth of the City Planning Depart-


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