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The following individuals or
groups of individuals are op-
posed to any more ‘‘low rent,’’
‘“public,’? ‘‘turnkey,’? or what-
have-you housing in the West,
Southwest and Southeast sec-

The Board of Directors of
the West End Business Men’s
Association; the Boulder Park
Civic Association; the Citizens
Advisory Committee of West
End Urban Renewal® several
members of Southwest Atlan-
tans for Progress (SWAP), in-
cluding the two co-chairmen,
Rev, James Costen and Bob Haver;
Rev. Hugh Brooks, pastor of
West End Baptist Church;,Ed-
gar sSchukraft, the spearhead
behind the West. End Urban
Renewal Project; State Rep.
Fred Winkles of Southwest At-
lanta; and Tom Oxnard, editor
of this newspaper.

There are probably more in-
dividuals and groups also op-
posed, but, frankly, we didn’t

of the City of Atlanta. -

=i Uo
have the time to get everyone’s

The general opinion is that

the above-named sections of
Atlanta have already had their
prorata share of this type of

It is time, NOW, for the
Northside and other sections
of Metropolitan Atlanta, to get
involved in the social problems

of our day.

In the words of the resolu-
tion of the -West End Business
Men’s Association: ‘‘We re-
quest and strongly recommend
that no further public housing
be placed in Southwest Atlanta
until other sections of our City
have taken their prorata share
of public housing units.?? ~

Show up at city hall today
(Thursday) at 2 p.m. in the
Aldermanic Chambers to hear
your section of the city being

Need we say more?


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