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Atlanta Ga,
Sep. 6 1967.

Hon. Mayor Ivan Allen
Mayor City of Atlanta
Atlanta Georgia.

Dear Mayor Allen,

In regard to an editorial appearing in the atlanta
journal September 6th, headed Allanta and housing., We the residents of
the Cascade sewell road section have discussed this same subject very many
times. We can't understand why you and your aldermanic board have seen fit
to push the bulk of negroes to this section. The work going on in West
End is for sure, for the negroes, apartments have been built by the hundreds
for negroes, they have taken the white people's homes a-way from them that
took years to beautify and build.

We understand that the real estate people on the north side have been
instructed nat to sell to negroes, also banks are reluctant to lend negroes
money to buy on the North side. There are no negro projects gping on in
the north side of the city, also no negroes live in Buckhead, Peachtree
road or any of the nice sections of the north side.

This influx to Cascade, West End Sewell section has been influenced
by city goverment. Apparently you do not want them on your side of town
or for neighbors, residents in the Southwest are moving every day.

The purpose of integration was to have negroes move in all sections
of the city, but they are being encouraged to settle in one section thus
causing no integration at all, very soon it willbe all negro.

I am sure with Hank Aarons money he could afford a home in your section,
We have had to put up with the riff r.ff from Washington street and
Capitol ave etc, since the change in that section now with Martin Luther's
church taking over Capitol homes will be more and more negroes.

Would like for yom to read this editorial if you haven't already.

We are very much disturbed as I am sure you would be, if you were a
middle class person trying to live in a decent neighborhood.

It is embarrassing to have curiousity seekers ride in this section to
see the for sale sigms as_t or is one in practically every yard in some
sections of fifty thbusa omes and many high priced homes.

Hoping to have your view on this vhich would make it clearer to
myself and neighbors what will take place.

Mrs. John C. Hoke g.W
1682 Centra Villa Brive Atlanta Georgia eae ae Te



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