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Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal
February 19, 1969
Caraker D. Paschal, A.I.A,
C, Delius, General Manager
Mr. Jack
Department of Parks
City ' of Atlanta
Atlant~, Georgia 30303
New Cyclorama
Dear Mr. Delius:
We should like to express the concurrence by FABR&P in the content of
a letter to you from Mr . R. H. Thompson of Thompson & Hancock, Architects.
The letter was dated February 10, 1969.
The it ems agreed upon by representatives of the two firms were:
1. FABR&P and T&H will perform the architectural services as a joint
venture and the style of the name will be;
The Cyclorama Architects
A joint venture of
Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal
Thompson & Hancock, Architects
· 2.
The address of the joint venture will be:
3033 Maple Drive N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
3. The Managing Partner (or Partner-in-Charge) will be R. H. Thompson.
He_ will be the Principal contact between the joint venture and the
Parks Department.
4. The Project Architect will be J. H. Finch. He will be the secondary
contact and will be co-responsible with R. H. Thompson in all phases
of the work.
5. A separate office for the project will be established at 3033 Maple
Drive N. E., .Atlanta, Georgia and substantially, all architectural work ·
on the project will be performed at such office under the immediate
superv ision of R. H. Thompson.
6. Personne l for t he project will be supplied to the joint venture
work for ce by both fir• ms.
( continued)
Architects Engineers Interior Designers
44 Broad Street N.W Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Phone 688-3313.
State National Bank Bldg.. Huntsville. Ala. 35801 Phone 539-9648
�·- - -- -
Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal
Page 2
Mr. yack C. Delius
Febr,u ary 19, 1969
'The job captain will be supplied by FABR&P.
You will shortly receive the joint venture's proposal for performing
services required tor the writing of a program for the pr oject.
Yours very truly,
Caraker D. Paschal
cc: Mr. R. H. Thompson
Mr. J. H. Finch

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