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The American Institute : 5 . 3033 MAPLE DRIVE, N. E. ° ATLANTA 5, GEORGIA e CEDAR 7-1546

_of Architects

Februsry 18, 1959

Mr. Jack C. Delius, General Manager
‘Department of Parks

City of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia 30303 ,

Re: A Building to House the Atlanta Cyclorama


Dear Jack:

Before any comprehensive or intelligent plenning can be done, a Progrem must
be prepared. Wormelly the Owmer prepares the Program. This is given to the Archi-
tect at the very start of the project and forms the basis for all future planning.
Since a Program has not been prepared, we are in 2 position to help prepare this
Program. z

The Program should fully set forth but not be limited to the following:

1. AI1 activities and functions to be carried out in building.

2. Consideration of complete program for viewing of painting
to determine exact sequence of events and movement of

Atmosphere and mood desired to be created in various areas.
Nature of and list of all items to be displayed in museum.
Circulation and functional relationships.

Special effects desired.

Growd movement and handling.

Location of building,

Relationship to other buildings end sites in

Orientation of building.

General psychology of building and setting.


Mr. Jack Delius, General Manager

February 18, 1969

Page 2
12. Desirable number of people to be accommodated in each area.
13. Quality and size of concessions.

: 1. Pid vate offices.
15. Special electronic control of program.
16. Climatic control.
17. Special fire safety equipment and precautions,
18. Security sequirements. |
19. Special surfaces and treatments.
20, Temporary handling of Cyclorama, painting and foreground.
21. Requirements of restoration building.
22. Permanent mounting of Cyclorama painting.
23. Relationship with restoration artists.
2). Service area desired.
25. Storage and utility requirements,
26. Parking, public and private.
27. Loading requirements.
28, Extent of landscaping.
29. Special consideration for handicapped.
30. Fallout shelter consideration.
31. Decisions concerning special sehanibahta.
Since this Progrem will be a joint effort between the Owner and Architects, it

logically follows that much time and cooperation will be required of all parties
concerned, ;

It is difficuit to estimate the time required to prepare this Program due to
the uniqueness of the project; however, we feel thet this could be accomplished in -
one month's time of concentrated effort.

In order for %
personnel toward kee;

ent to take maximum advantage of their oim
epir t
perform this service on an hou


b the Program Development down, we propose to
y basis, Since only the Principals from the tio

Mr. Jack Delius, General Manager
February 18, 1969
Page 3

architectural firms would be involved, the hourly rate would be $12.00 times a
factor of 2.75 to cover overhead and profit. Should the Program take longer than
anticipated, we further propose to guarantee a maximum charge of $7,500.00. After
the Program is written and approved and we have signed the contract for the normal
architectural work, then we propose to credit one-half of any funds paid on the
Program toward payment of the regular architectural fee,

Sine certain consultants will be involved and should be so stated in the
Architectural Contract, we plan to draw up the Architectural Contract after the
Program is written.

We would like to inmediately start work as soon as this is approved. All we
need is your approval on the enclosed copy of this letter.

Yours very truly,


Pid H, Sep

Romulus H. Thompson


J. He Fifch


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