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By: Senato r Spinks of the 9th
Cr eating an Int e rim Study Committee to study the advisability
of establlshing a historical museum for the State of Georgia; of relocating
the Cyclorama; and for other purposes.
WHEREAS, Georgia was one of the thirteen original colonies and
one of the States of the Confederacy and is rich in historical heritage and does
not have a historical museum memorializing the role played by Georgia and
1r\._ _J _·
by Atlanta in the overaU-history of the State and particularly in its leadership
during the tragic War Between the States, and
WHEREAS, the location of the State Governmental Complex and
the surrounding area is part of this dramatic history and would be an appropriate
place for such a museum, and
WBEREAS, th~ Cyclorama which depicts so vividly this role in
a world famous painting is presently housed in a building in Grant Park which
is inadequate to hous~ a painting of such value and histo.rical significance

and i.s deteriorating and must be replaced and whose present location is not
l"ealily accessible to tourists traveling through Atlanta, ·and
WHEREAS, the Cyd'brama should be relocated in a suitable in a location so that it will receive adequate protection and so that
the many Georgians and the many citizens of other states who desire to see
it w ill be able to do so, and
WHEREAS, th e State of G e or g ia, City of Atlanta, County of Fulton
Governm enta l compl ex is loc at e d in an area n ear th e North..:South, E a st:.
West Inte r state Highway E x change , with ad e quate parkin·g facilitie s available
S-. R. 79
- I-
and planned, and is adjacent to the Zero Mile Post which is the historical center
of thi s area and has ~earby a large tourist development under construction
depicting .Atla nta of the same historical era as that depicted by the Cyclorama
whi ch will attract large numbers of visitors to the area.
ASSEMBLY OF GEORGIA that there is hereby created an Interim Study
Committee to be composed of the members of the Senate Tourism Developmen·t
Study Committee, and seven members of the House of Representatives to be
app~inted by the Speaker thereof.·· In addition to the above members, the
--:. '
. ' ,
Committee shall also have a member thereon, appointed from each ·o f the
City Government of Atlanta; Government of Fulton County; City
Parks Department; State Properties Control Commission; Na sher Corporation;
Georgia Historical Commission; Central Atlanta Progress Committee;
Atlanta Historical Society; Atlanta Chamber of Commerce; Tourism Division
of the Board of Industry and Trade; Georgia Building Authority; and the
Attorney General.
The Administration Floor Leaders of the House of
· Representatives and the Senate shall be named as membe:ts and tµe Secretary
of State and State Auditor shall be· ex officio members.
The Committee shall
make a thorough and exhaustive study of the advisability of establishing such
a historical museum and or relocating the Cyclorama within this historical
and accessib\e area.
The legislative members of the Committee shall receive the
compensation and ex penses ·authorized for members of Interim Legislative
Study Committees .
Th e Co m mit tee _s h a ll be auth ori zed to emplo y such
S. R. 79
assistance as they de em ne c es~ar y to carry out the purpo s es of this resolutio n .
__ _ ___T_he funds necessary to c arr y ou t the purpose s herein
shall come from funds
appropriated t o o r availa bl e to th e Le g i s l a tive Branch of Government.
Committee is autho rize d to meet fo r no more than ten days.
The Committee
shall make a repo rt of its fi nd ings and recomm e nd a tions to the 1970 Session
of the General Assembly, a t w hich time it shall stand abolished.
0 ,-_
... .,.



', i
S. R. 79

_ .. I

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