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·... limitation i:han to !t c
iack market distribuJp."

mvilllngness to heed
warnings of some
die medical profes_derscored for Hell·1, -w hen his own
--' told him she
t a l;fetime supply
~ceptives beiore his
".2me out, if it was
.()mmend w:ithdraw·:n the market.
. women are taking
this country "bed.."'Illand for U is so
their own doctors,
profession in gen:ilOlv even the fed_nent do not dare to
id the medication,"
Puerto Rico
,.'!Ss testing of the
.! in Puerto Rico
., ·;cation of safety
·om tha t experi,. Jropo ut rate of
i was more than
·t year, the mag·'.t, and no sys_·1p l3 possible.
' 'mcu.s, pill pioas saying, "Per,. 20 per cent of
k" for followup.
~"t_ British Medical
··cit e&1imates that
·rmone contracept her risk of clot; There can be no
' 1ubt that some
, omboembolic dis···.sociated with the
~ntraceptives, its
, are impossible

o reliable data

•g disease and
·omen who don't
ceptives. But the
•.!S a number of
.-.nose clinical experi.;~ces them or the
r those on the
Bos ton, (AP) -S tokely Carmichael led a ma rch th ro ugh the
streets of Bos ton's heaviily Ne-.
.g ro Roxbury section yesterday
and told Negroes they mu s t
take cont rol of the land and
stores in their ar eas.
"Vve will control things i-n our
communiti es by an y means necessary, h e told · a r ally in
Franklin Parle
"If h unky [the white m an]
gets his store bombed out every
Friday or Sat urday,' ' Car michael
said, "he's going to have t o sell
it to us ."
He also told the crowd that
the only way to stop "racis t
aggression" by police "is by
armed resistance." He did n ot
elaborate but said, "as long as
injustice prevails, there will be
no peace."
Boston's Acting Mayor Barry
T. Hynes had criticized Carm ichael's v isit, saying he "incites violence w:herever he goes"
and warned that violence would
not be tolerated. Roxbury was
the scene of Negro rioting the
weekend of J une 2-4.
There was only one m inor incident yester<lay. Police arrested a •w hite man who was carrying a sign reading, "I fight
povert;r, I work." He scuffled
with a small group of Negr:oes
and was charged with breach
o the peace.
Carmichael was expected to
return to Atlanta, where eh was
released from ja il Saturday after posting a $1,000 appeal
.. '
! '
J,,. r ~;"
Associate: ....
. Franlde Hayes
his father, Frank. .
Frankie dled of Le,·
disease he thougf
beaten. Story on P
Schools S uperintend,.
childhood programs, wh \l
'in the city schools.
Stress ing the SJ)ecial r:
the depressed areas of tl.
Donovan said a "very
strengthening of the pr
would be forthcoming . .
But he reserved deta .
program a nd its financ·
press confe rence later
Board of Education .
ters in Brooklyn.
On W ABC-TV's "Th,
tendent of Schools Rep
novan said yesterday 1.
three major problems o: -y1
/JA.U )t.,,.J
schools are money, a k t-/µf I - · /
shortage and the lack of ,
room space.
Loca:1 schools will rece
neded state aid only if , th
Legislature , accflpts the city I
I I'-',-.--..,. .

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