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Box 13, Folder 21, Document 30

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SFC Building · ·
June 25th., ' 67
Mr. Ivan Allen, Mayor
City of Atl anta,
At lenta, Georgia,.
Dear MaYor Allen:
.All of u s here in the state of Geor gia regr et the events
that have occured in your City especially when you were one of the avant
garde who championed the Negro cause when the hyst eria had i ts beginning.
to give
feet o f
they be
is a pity that those who have been the le aders in this movement
the Negro all he a sks for and more besi des, overleoked the simple
nature that when privileges are ·extended that are not earned whether,
Negro, white, children or soldieBs their demands are never sat i ated.
Children learn early in life that a little yelling get s one thing and
its repe~etion gets more s o, that is what you have today: the old spoiled
child telni que. All of us respect authority th at remains firm and never
Here is August a, we have been free of such ai d mehy are smug in t he
feeling it won ' t happen here however , I contend things could erupt over
night should the proper agitator appear on t he scene.
I am sorry that y our chickens of appeasment have cane home to roost.
Cordi ally,
(Fonner member of City Council )
( " Chnirman Richmond County Conmission)

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