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Mr. C. L. Greene , Jr.
City Services Coordinator
Nash-Washingt on City Service Center
Atlanta , Geor gi a
June 13, 196 7
TO :
Mr. Johnny H. Robirison
C. L. Gr eene, J r.
Met with Mrs . Mary L. Avery - 300 Sunse t Avenue , N. W. at 10 a . m.
cussed City Service s and al s o Urban Renewal.
Dis -
Mr s . Avery was one of whom
pose d questi ons, e t c. at Cosmopoli tan Church meeting June 6, 196 7.
our di scus sion she seems to be in a more r eceptive mood and has reques t ed
my attendance at a meeting t o be he l d \,ednesday evening, June 28 , 1967
with Urban Renewal map for a more detailed study.
She feel s the Iayor is
sincere and was l aboring under a handic ap on June 6, 1967 due to the wide
di verse opini ons .
She further feels smc::. ller 111eetings would be an advantage
where reasonableness , and calm mi ght pre vail.
C. L. Greene, Jr .

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