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Box 1, Folder 21, Document 16

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May 15 , 1969
Mr . Howard Glover
995 Bolto n Road, N. W.
Atlanta , Georgia 30 3 31
Dear Mr . Glover:
In further reference to your letter of May 7 and my
reply of May 9 , 1969 concerning an incident between
you and the golf star ter a t Pi edm:mt Golf Course on
May 6, I wish to advise you that the following infer~
rnation has been sUbrnitted by the Assistant General
Manager of P rks .
The golf starter states that he advised you at least
three, and probably four , times not to disturib the
balls in the ball rack and explained to you that it was
impossible to keep them strai ght if the general public
confused the arrangement, etc . According to the
starter, you did not remove just one bill, but seven
or eight, and then both you and the starter became
confus don which ball was first. Further , the golf
starter states that after you had i nor d his request
not to bother th ball rack thr e or four times th t
he became very angry and did, in fact , us the language
st t din your compl int.
While I can cert inly in no ·way defend the foul l ngu ge
used by the •starter in your presence , I must defend
his position in his having advised you th t th gen ral
public could not have access to the ball r ck in th t
it would r ult in confusion ov r who
ball was first ,
Thank you again for your p tron g , I am
Cordi lly,
G ner 1 M nag r of
P rk
nd R er
Iv n All n,. Jru Mayor ---1 re Whitley, A . i t - nt G n r 1 M n g r of
Col, Golf Pro, Pi _drrk:)nt P rk Golf Cout

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