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November 13, 1967
On October 13, when May I van lien, J r ., accept ed t he lis t of namrs s recommended by Mr. E. M., Laws ~ for membershi p on t he ash- Bans Coordinat ing
Committ ee ~ and desi gnated them as official r epresentati ves oft e
sh- Bans
Area , he made the followi ng stat ement : "Our number one goal is to make the
Nash- ns Community a bet ter place in -,hioh t o live ., Now it is up t o all of
us , the Committee and the Ci ty to work t ogether to see t hat , e achieve our
purpose" 0 iJo development i n the area shall
ke pl ace under the auspices of
any department in the Ci ty Government without the delegat ed representatives
of the Committee being br ought i nto a consultative r el ati onship with t e proposed de elopment in i t s initi al st ages .
MrQ Col lier B. Gladin, Director of Ci ty Planni M Depart ment, has r ecent ly
employed a trai ned speciali st in Urban Development i n the person of
Ir. Peter LaBree to make a study of the Nash- Bans Comm.unity in order to make
a comprehens i ve survey and recommendations or t he over - all Urban Reneual
Devel opments in th , on . I n view of the fact hat t he proposed recommendat ions of . LaBri should be expected to include the location of the
parks , pl ayg ounds and other r ecreat ional fac i liti es as r elat ed to schools ,
churches , and the resident ial areas , it would seem alt oget her appropriate
that the Atlanta Board of Educat ion be requested to suspend any furth r developments in the area on t he Junior High School Compl ex, until the overall schedule for Urbo.n Renewal development of t1e Nash- Bans Community has
been finalized .
In consideration of the situation that i s descri bed n. ove , be i t resolved thnt
a resoluti on bo adopted at this meeting and be fo~<led to the President
of the Atlanta Board of Education by the Chairman of tho · sh- Bans Coord nating Comru.ttee re 1esting that the I\ lanta Board of Education suspend any
further development n t he Junior High School Complex until Mr . La'Biro 1 s
study has been made , his recomm ndations submitt~d to the Director of the
City Planning Dep tment, nd an opport unity afforded the ra mbers of the
Committee to be made intelligently a are of the degree nd extent to which
the proposed school comple shall become a part of the over- 11 proer m of
dovelopmant of the Nash- ns Communit y o
Be it furtber resolvod that represent tivas 0£ the Board o
represen ativ so the City Pla
ng Dapa.rtment, nd the
sh- ns Coordinating Co
tteo shall meet to evaluat Mr . La.Brie ' s r connne tions , in th
lieht of tne sentinents xpr ssed by his Honor, tt yor Ivan Allen, Jr . , vhen
the ra.embers of the Il oh-Bans Coordinating ColllJnittee were given their official
st tus.
Be it .further resolved that, a. copy of th . resolution shall be for\ rd
to his Honor the
yor ,
• Collier B. Gladin., Daily and \leekly Press .,
a copy recorded in our minutes.

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