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Mr. Howard -Glover
995 Bolton RdN.W.


May 7,1959

— Mr. Jack Delius
Parks Department
City Hall


Dear Mr. Delius:

‘I am making a corplaint to you against an

employee at Piedmont Park Golf Course.I don't know his’

name,but he function as a starter sending golfers off the

first tee.My complaint is this3] was at Piedmont Park May

6,1969 (yesterday)along with three other fellows getting
ready to playo

I went to the ball rack to check the number
_of balls in front of wine <T-eoutantt ane the name on my

ball,so i:took the one out in front of mine to make sure
we outa tbe up next. In doing so,he cursed mea ident fuck.
with my balls'',it was immediately reported to the pro,
Pete Cole.

I didn't like it and i told him so,i dontt

it now and i'm going to write some more letters to
I would like for some action to be taken

whites move ball out of the rack

1 .

nything.I would appreciate you looking

ry om fanless ae saan an
ine ce EN SY = 6938 Ad 9

vv o—

Sincerly Yours
u 7

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