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“More Power to You”

1720 DeKalb Avenue, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30307 378-3588

Sept .20, 1967

Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor
3700 Northside Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Dear Mayor Allen,

It was only recently I read this enclosed book dealing
with the problem in owr towns.

The statements made therein appalled me but, realizing
this book was published by the Workers Library Publishers

( a communist printing company) the statements then came to
light to me as I'm sure they will to you.

My concern is that a certain minority group in our society
is being used and misguided by this conspiracy for the con-
spiracy's gain. Iam sure if our city leaders were aware of
what is brought out in this book, then you would take action
to help prevent the cruelty imposed on this group by our
enemy «

I appreciate your time and if I may be of help contact me.


F. See henurre

John F, Underweed


Copy of this letter sent to each alderman.

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