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May 26, 1969

Mr. Harold Sheats
County Attorney

Legel bepartment
Pulton County

504 Courthouse
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Reference: Adamsville Health/Recreation Center
Dear Mr. Sheats:

This will acknowledge your letter of May 23, 1969
It is our position that part
property belongs to the City of Atlanta and
a ee ee ee a ee ae ee

I am asking the Associate City Attorney, Mr. Thomas
F. Choyce, to be prepared to outline our position to
you et your convenience.

Very truly yours,

Jack C. Delius
General Manager of
Perks and Recreation

JCD: jw

Blind cc:w/Xerox: Parks Committee
Mr. Thomas F. Choyce
Mr. R. Earl Landers
Mr. Stanley T. Martin, Jr.

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