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December 9, 1964
Mr •. William Parr
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
Commerce Building
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Bill:
Relative to sending Ctu-1stmas gift subscription& of
the Atlanta Magazine to some of the directors or· the
Brav a, here are the name:
·ir. William C. Bartholomay
Alexander & Alexander
2 North Riverside Plaz
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Mr . Delb rt • Col man
s burg corp.
1500 North Dayton
Chicago, Illinois
Mr. H.M. H rper, Jr.
8200 high ~
Morton Grove, Illinois
w rt:'en H llman
n Broth r
on Willi m Str t
N w York 4, N.Y.
Mr. John J. Lou1, Jr.
1000 Hill Ro d
Winn t , Ill1no1 ·
Mr. John McH le
P.O. Box 1122
Atl nta, Georgi
Mr. Charles w. Olson, III
c.w . Olson & Comp ny
175 West J okson Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois
Mr. Pott r Palm r
1310 North· Gr nb y Rod,
k Foret, Ill1noi
Mr. Loui
P r1n1
P r1n1 Corp.
Mont wyt
• Ch ~ls H. Pric
Pric c ndy Com ny
2 West 39th str t
C1ty, 1 ouri
�(Page 2)
Mr. Thomas A . Reynold.a , Jr·.
Winston, Strawn, Smith & Patterson
38 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, Ill1no1s
Mr . Dsn1el c. Se rle
G.D. Searl & Company
P. O. Box 5110
Chicago 80, Illinois
Mr .. Rushton w. Skakel
Great Lakes Carbon Corp.
18 East 48th Street
New York 17, N.Y.
~~- John w. Sull1v n
Sk11 corp.
5033 North Elston Av nu
Chicago, Illinois
I ssu
th se name c n be dd d to yolrlr
1l1ng 11 t
in tim tor th J nu ry 1 su. Pl se ·end 14 of your
advisory Chr1 tm
c ~ds tom tor th
to ign nd
s nd to th
bov ~ cip1 nts -- nd pl
ur thes
not duplic t d from yQur oftic.
You ar
pr1nc l
Sine r ly,
P ggy Bakr
M ny th nk •

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