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59 Woodward Av. SE
apt 31.
Atlenta, Ga. 303512.

Mayor Mr. Ivan Allen Jr.

City Hall,

Atlenta, (Fulton Co.) Ga.

Dear Sir:
I heard over radio a few days ago about so mucn
crime is committed here and it is much over tne country.
I believe you said many small town hogrs come to Ga.'s
largest cities and most of all Atlanta.

Also you spoke of sex perverts coming to Piedmont Park.
That last is not new to me. I heard of it 14 years ago. Seen
some evidence of it.

Last Thursday I went to Piedmont park from a place
a few blocks away and while walking a ere fellow about

20 passed me carrying a towel@ and 1 though he must
intend going i n swmiing when surely the pg1l is not open
ntil a few weeks later. I was going to see the annual art
ext. I am 71 and dont walk fast and after reaching the
perk @ rested awhile when walking down by the lake I met

the boy coming back and talzed to him. He said he and two
other boys about his age went in swimming in part of the lake
which is agoeinst the law to swim in any time and the 3
went in entirely naked and the other 2 were still in. However

I think they got out and may have been two long haird hippies
orlLookea like it but were dressed.

A micdled aged friend of mine told me today he went with
his young niece and her little son Sunday anda they saw e
youbng men naked. One got ina _ swin and he may have been
Partly covered with his twwell.
it was shocking ofcourse they had been swimming in the
lake. Two lawws broken. Swimmi in lake and being naked,
I vought a Great Speakled Bird mag. from a handsome
young fellow with long hair and he told me Atlanta now had
housey of entirely nude parties ofcourse for both sexes.
Did ‘not say @ Where they are.
Chenging the subject my dear father was buried in a relative.
unsved pert.of Holloway cen etery but crime out there is so much
thet I am araid to visit his grave and so is sister and family
who have a car. Afraid of beingmurdered any time. You know laww
KP Cl ate thing but guess lots cannot beecontrolled. 1 hate it
about my father though.
I am another Ivan and have been joked and even called
Ivan Allen in Sunday school. thoughtlessly. I never saw you
but in pictures but I ssw and heard your father speaking to elderly
ce itizvens at the S. Eastern Fair a few years ago.

Yours truly, t a = Y, Ye
Jay Tf &ULN

Ivan 4, 5,mith
OV 3A4


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