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All marshal s are c orc i a . ly invited to attend a luncheon at ·
Stouf .f er's at the t o p o:f ·::ne Merchandise Mart Building at
11:30 ci ' ~lock A . M. o~ April 12~ 1966.
All convertibl es -'c o be u sed in the parade wi ll be p arked at
/the Shrine parking lot not l at er than 10:30 o'cl ock A. M.

for the purpose o:f having signs placed on these converti bles.

They will a l so be decorated by Shepard Decorating Co~any.
All c0nver t i bles will be parked on
Peachtree Street beginning a t West Street .
The parad e
cars in the proper p os it iom o:f the
star'cing time.
the east side o:f West
Peachtree Street and
will endeavor to get the
parade prior to parade
Some o:f t he un it s o f' Yaar a.b Templ e ·w ill particiPe1.te in the
p a rade~ t here:r-or e all parade marshals are reauested to We;\r
their :fez in the parade. It will not be necessary :for yo
t o wear your unit. uni :for_m.
All marshals will be assigned at the l uncheon meeting by
Deputy Gra. d Mar shal, L. W. McPher son.
All m~.rsha l s wi l l receive a copy of the parade order and
an arm band r1.t our J.nncheon meeting.

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