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March 7, 1966 - Office of Mrs. Moses

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 P. M. with the following

Mr. Edgar J. Forio, Chairman Mr. Jerry Sachs

Mrs. Ann Moses Mr. Lynn. Westergaard
Mrs. Peggy Baker Mr. George Goodwin
Mrs. Mason Lowance, Jr. Mr. Sidney Scarborough

A general discussion was held concerning the field program for the
April 12, 1966 Dedication Game. Each point was discussed thoroughly
and the following was accepted as the program, but subject to fur-
ther revision.

(1) Milo Hamilton will be Master of Ceremonies.

(2) Dr. Bevel Jones will be invited by the chairman to deliver the
Invocation, 7:15.P. M.

(3) Mr. Hamilton will introduce Mr. Montgomery who in turn will
unveil the plaque and introduce, as a body, the Authority,
Board of Alderman and County Commissioners. Following this
these groups will leave the field.

(4) Mr. Hamilton will then introduce in order the following for
brief speechs,

Governor of Georgia
Governor—of_ Pennsylvania —

b. Mayor of Atlanta '
Mayor of Pittsburgh —_—
c. Chairman, County Commissioners
_d.__-CGemmissioner of Baseball as
e. President, National League UO ann.) ie 3
f. Mr. Montgomery who in turn will introduce Mr. Sartholomay

and present something symbolic of the occasion of the
Braves! occupancy of Atlanta Stadium.

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March 7, 1966 - Minutes
Special Committee on
Dedication of Stadium

(5) Mr. Hamilton will introduce the players of both teams

(6) National kothen

(7) Warnaulo

(8) Mayor ehetowa out first ball, 8:05 P. M.

Mayor Allen will recognize the mayors present.

Gavepnon Sanders will recognize any other governors present.
There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

ROE PEC submitted,

Sidne eee “Pot
Edgar J. Forio, Chairman

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