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"Atlanta's official entrance into the major leagues
April 12-13 should spark one of the biggest celebrations in

the city's history," Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr: said Saturday.

Outlining plans for a spectacular parade, a Braves
Recognition Dinner, an official half-holiday and other events
leading up to the opening games of The Atlanta Braves' first

season in Atlanta Stadium, the Mayor declared:

"We are going to show Bobby Bragan and his players the

kind of enthusiasm and support they have in their new home town.


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"Atlanta has won the fight with Milwaukee. Now the
whole country will be watching us. We are going to show the

country -= and The Braves -- that Atlanta is big league all

the way."

The Braves open the 1966 National League season in
a two-game series with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Tuesday and

Wednesday nights, April 12 and 13.

Plans for The Braves welcome, spearheaded by Mayor
Allen and the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, are already well

under way.

This week the Atlanta Board of Aldermen adopted a
resolution proclaiming Opening Day -- Tuesday, April 12 -= an
official half holiday. City Hall will close at noon. Atlanta
Public Schools will be dismissed at 1:00 P.M. so students can

get to the parade scheduled to start at 1:30 P.M.

Fulton County schools will be on spring vacation.
Mayor Allen is urging other public, private and parochial

schools to declare either full or half holidays.

He said he hopes county and state cffices, as well

as many business firms, will follow the holiday pattern.


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. The Braves will end their spring training with three
exhibition games against the New York Yankees, Friday, Saturday

and Sunday, April 8, 9, and 10.

On Monday, April 11, The Braves "400" booster club
will honor the team and visiting sports writers at a luncheon

in the siete .

The city's official welcome will begin at 8:00 P.M.
Monday when Mayor Allen will host a dinner in the Marriott

Motor Hotel honoring Braves officials and the team.

Tickets for the Mayor's Dinner are $15.00 each. They
may be obtained on a first come ~ first served basis from the

Mayor's Dinner Committee at the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce .

Political leaders from Georgia and surrounding states,
baseball and other sports celebrities, and Hollywood, radio and
TV personalities have been invited to the dinner and other

festivities surrounding the opening.

Officials of Atlanta's 4,000 branch offices. have been
urged to invite their top home office executives to be here for
the occasion. Heads of Atlanta-based firms are inviting their

branch executives to come.


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The city of Pittsburgh is expected to send a large
delegation, including Mayor fe Ze Rand Pennsylvania


Governor William Scranton.

Travel and sports writers from all over the country
have been invited to Atlanta for festivities. Tours are being
arranged to show them the greater Atlanta area during dogwood


The big parade will be held on opening day, Tuesday
April 12, beginning at 1:30 P.M. The route will be from

Peachtree and Baker streets to Whitehall and Hunter.

The parade will combine floats celebrating the Dogwood
Festival with Shrine marching units, military color guards, and
Braves and Pirates players. Local businesses are expected to

sponsor several high school bands,

The entire Atlanta area is being decorated by members
of the Atlanta Chamber Sports Committee, headed by Bill Pritchard,’
with support from the Braves "400" club. Anyone wishing decals,
posters or streamers for use in the celebrations may obtain them

by contacting the Chamber Sports Committee at JA-10845.


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but surpass that 1939 enthusiasm."

Civic and private clubs throughout the area are making

plans to hold special luncheons and dinners on opening day, with

members and their families going to the stadium in buses.

"Up till now," Mayor Allen said, “Atlanta's biggest
celebration has been the world premiere of *Gone with the Wind.‘

x hope that the Braves opening festivities will not only match


The Braves kick off the opening days celebrations with

an Easter weekend exhibition series at the Stadium with the New

York Yankees. Tickets are on sale now.

Opening Game ticket sales have reached 40,000, according

' to Braves Board Chairman Bill Bartholomay. Seats for the Wednesday

night game with the Pirates are moving rapidly, although some tickets

to both games are still available at the Stadium and the Braves

downtown office.

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