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“hay Ma
(he " e Bf

When I chee your ee to end a verbal invitation for
you and Mrs, Rar to come to Atlanta wate. Braves and Pirates
open on April 12th, I learned of your vacation in Hawaii. I certainly
hope it was a most enjoyable trip, and you haven't unpacked too well,
as we are looking forward to having you in Atlanta for fees most
historic event,

Many activities have been planned honoring the Braves and


Pirates that your participation weukkeeexmexte is greatly desired,
On Monday, April llth, we are having a dinner for the Braves at the
Marriott Hotel, where i-plan-fer you-and-Mrs,-----+e I would like

for you to be among the head table guests, There will be a pig parade

at 1:30 on April 12, in which we plan for you to ride, and the pregame

ew rela de Byun
Pe Ne ae at 7:00 p.m. that evening, I would like for you and

Mrs, to be our guests and have AA arranged for accommocations

at the Marriott Hotel,
/ Having been a major league city for many years, Iam sure you
know the importance of the advent of major league baseball WHA Ag to
Atlanta nnd the Southeast, It just wouldn't be complete without you and

your wife, and lam awaiting to learn that you will be on hand to assist

me on this occasion,

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