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Box 14, Folder 4, Document 65

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~ Q~,
~ffi QC<. - ~ ~
When I called your office toTnd a verbal invitation for
you and Mrs.c().}'1/V to come to Atlanta ~
e Braves and Pirates
open on April 12th, I learned of your vacattion in Hawaii.
I certainly
hope it was a most enjoyable trip, and you haven't unpacked too well,
as we are looking forward to having you in Atlanta for -thrs
historic event.
Many activities have been planned honoring the Braves and
Pirates timt your p a r t i c i p a t i o n ~ is greatly desired.
On Monday, April 11th, we are having a dinner for the Braves at the
Marriott Hotel, wh&P-e-~-~l,a,n-»P-,y-o:u-aRe.-M~~------te I would like
for you to be among the head table guests.
There will be a pig parade
at 1:30 on April 12, in which we plan for you to ride, and the pregame
w--lu...v-, ~ ~
cerer::onies1begin mi 7 :00 p. m. that evening.
Mrs. _ _ _ tt•o be our guests and have
I would like for you and
arranged for accommocations
at the Marriott Hotel.
/ Having been a major league city for many years , I am sure you
know the importance of the advent of major league baseball ~
Atlanta nnd the Southeast.
It just wouldn't be complete without you and
your wife, and I am awaiting to learn that you will be on hand to assist
me on this occasion.

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