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City of Pittsburgh

City Hall t
Pittsburgh, Penngy [danas


The City of Atlanta extends to you and your
wife a cordial invitation to visit our city and join
with us in opening Atlanta's first _major league baseball

SEASON, Zs Kile [erenta hag Ae

I do not need to explain the significance of
this grand occasion, not only to Atlantians, but to
citizens throughout Georgia and the entire Southeast,
and we would be honored to have you share with all of us
these hours of greatness which forecast the wonderful
future of baseball in this area,

On Monday, April 11, Mrs. Allen and I would
like you to be our guests at the Mayor's Dinner honoring
the #éW Atlanta Braves, this event to take place at the
new Marriott Hotel. On ree tetas: 30 pem., Atlanta
will host the Bugwamd great parade and again,
we would like you to participate in this event. [In
conclusion, the pre-game festivities will begin in the

new Atlanta Stadium at eo >» weeh—came—timeat——

Complimentary reservations will be arranged for
your stay at the Marriott Hotel, and you may be sure
that Atlanta will make every effort to insure your
enjoyment while our guests,

I will look forward to hearing from you.


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