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August 24, 1965 - Press Lounge, Atlanta Stadium

Chairman Forio called the meeting to order at 2:45 P. M.
with the following present:

Members Others
Chairman Edgar J. Forio Dick Cecil

Mrs. Ann Moses
Ernie Johnson

Earl Mann

Lynn Westergaard
Sidney Scarborough

Chairman Forio briefly explained that the 1966 Dedication
Ceremony would be somewhat different from the Inauguration
Ceremony held at the first game played in the stadium. The
ceremony should acknowledge the various governments and
many individuals who participated in making the stadium a
reality and Atlanta a major league city.

It was the consensus of the group that if in the Mayor's
opinion the President of the United States should be in-
vited to participate that such an invitation should be ex-
tended by Mayor Allen.

Participants in the dedication activities should include
the following:

1. Mayor Allen and Board of Aldermen

2. Fulton County Commissioners of Roads and Revenue
3. Governor Carl Sanders

4. Members of City of Atlanta and Fulton County
Recreation Authority

Certain representatives of the Atlanta Braves

» Certain representatives of major league baseball
« The choir from Big Bethel Church of Atlanta

» Dr. Billy Graham

an Aw

Speakers would include the following but not necessarily
in the order named.

1. Dr. Graham, Invocation
2. President of United States
3. Governor Carl Sanders

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August 24, 1965 -— Minutes
Dedication Committee

Mayor Ivan Allen

Chairman Fulton County Commissioners
Chairman Arthur Montgomery
Representatives of Atlanta Braves

» Commissioner of Baseball

» President of National League

wo on aun

Opening ceremonies would require approximately 30 minutes
with the following activities:

1. Invocation

2. National Anthem

3. Unveiling of Dedication Plaque
4. Speakers

Mr. Opie L. Shelton was appointed Chairman of the Invita-
tion Committee.

The Braves announced that opening day would be April 12,
1966 with the decision as to whether the game will be played
in the afternoon or evening to be announced later.

Should there be a day game, the committee would endeavor
to have the businesses of the city participate by closing
at an early hour.

The question of an opening day parade was not fully re-
solved at this meeting. However, should there be a parade,
Mr. Frank Fling would be invited to be the Parade Marshall.

Chairman Forio will consult with Authority Chairman Mont-
gomery on all matters discussed by the committee so that
complete coordination of all activities might be accom-
plished. Such matters to include cooperation with the
Braves; certain authority of Chamber of Commerce Committees;
and coordination of governmental agencies and matters of

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,

Pf ste ae \

Sidney Scarborou
For Edgar Forio

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