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March 24, 1965 - Trust Conference Room, C & S Bank

Chairman Forio called the meeting to order at 3:30 P. M.
with the following present:

Members Others

Edgar Forio Eddie Glennon
Earl Mann Ernie Johnson

J. H. Aldredge (Alan Kiepper) Mrs. Ann Drummond

- George Goodwin
Sidney Scarborough

Mr. Johnson explained that the date of the Houston Stadium
dedication had not been set since the President would par-
ticipate and had not announced the exact date. It would
be either April 9, 1965 or April 12, 1965. Mr. Johnson
was instructed to keep in contact with Houston officials
and notify the Chairman or Stadium Manager once the date
was set.

Mr. Forio stated that should Houston's dedication date be
April 12 he would endeavor to obtain his company's plane
and transport the committee to Houston to observe their
dedication ceremonies.

It was the consensus of the body that a presentation to

Mr. Montgomery by the Sales Executive's Club should not

be a part of stadium inauguration activities on April 9,
1965. It was felt a presentation at this time would de-
tract from the honor Mr. Montgomery was receiving.

Mr, Forio announced that he and the Stadium Manager would
call on participants in the inauguration activities to
acquaint them with their respective duties.

The Stadium Manager announced that Boy Scout Color Guards
and the Murphy High School Band had been obtained for the
April 9 activities.

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March 24, 1965 - Minutes
Dedication Committee

Mr. Forio instructed Mrs. Drummond, Mr. Goodwin and Mr.
Johnson to prepare publicity releases for the April 9, 1965
inauguration activities, and to include in such releases
the dedication date of July 29, 1965.

Inauguration activities were discussed and the following
was agreed upon:

l—- At 7:15 P. M. Mel Allen will open the activities
from the field and will introduce the players of
both teams.

2- Mel Allen will introduce Dr. Harris for the In-

3- Mel Allen will introduce the National Anthem with
the band and color guard being in place on the

4- Mel Allen will introduce Chairman Montgomery.

5- Mr. Montgomery will make remarks including intro-
ducing Stadium workers who will be guests of the

6- Mr. Moatgomery will introduce Mr. Bartholomay and
ur. McHale, one of whom will deliver brief remarks
concerning the occasion,

7- Mr. Montgomery will introduce participants in
"First Ball" activities. Following this cere-
mony the game will commence.

It was the feeling of the body that the Braves should be
requested to issue invitations to members of the Board of
Aldermen and the Fulton County Commissioners of Roads and
Revenue to be their guests on April 9 and July 29, 1965,

The Stadium Manager was instructed to contact Tommy Reynolds
and ascertain the status of the Dedication Program. Should
the Authority have program rights, then the program commit-
tee will proceed to make the necessary plans for producing
such a program, Consideration will be given to having the
proper lay-out made by printing experts. The possibility

of having area Jaycees sell ads was discussed and authorized
if possible to work out a contract with them,

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March 24, 1965 - Minutes
Dedication Committee

Mr. Montgomery will extend invitations to Dr. Graham and

Miss Dobbs for the July 29 dedication. Others who might

have connections with these persons shall be contacted to
help in making their presence a reality.

It was decided to delay further plans for the July 24 date
until after the Houston dedication and our own Inauguration.

Mr. Forio expanded the publicity committee to include the

Mrs. Drummond
Ernie Johnson

Sy ae 15 2 George Goodwin 0!

Sidney Scarborough ~}
There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


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Sidney Scarborough 3 \

for Edgar Forio

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