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March 18, 1966

Public hearing by Finance Committee at request of Local $134, Interna-
tional Association of Firefighters (AFL-CIO). Firemen requested 56
hour work week and time and one half for hours worked over 40.

See Exhibit #1

May 4, 1966

Letter to Mayor from Robert L. Mitchell, Attorney, advising that he
represented a new union known as'Atlanta Firefighters Union, Indepen-
dent", and that he desired to negotiate wages, hours and working
conditions of firemen.

See Exhibits #2 through #10

June 7, 1966
Firemen belonging to new union walk out on strike. Defy court order to

return to work. Members of old union remain on jobs.

June 10, 1966
Striking firemen return to work.

See Exhibits #11 and #12

Dr. Edwin Harrison, President of Georgia Tech, agreed te serve ad

mediator with approval of City and firemen.

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July 25, 1966
Pr. Harrison held hearing allowing firemen and City to present their

See Exhibits #13 and #14

August 22, 1966
Dr. Harrison submitted his report.

See Exhibit #15

August 23, 1966
Firemen rejected Dr. Harrison's report.

See Exhibit #16

September 2, 1966

Finance Committee of Board of Alddrmen informed fire representatives
that the committee would recommend, effective January 1, 1967, a 56
hour work week and a salary increase of not less than two steps. The two
recommendations being the equivalent of approximately a 16% salary


September 2, 1966
At 11:00 p.m. the firemen members of the new union again walked out on

strike and defied a court order together with an order from the Chief of

the Fixe Department to return to work. Again the members of the old

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union remained on the job.

September 6, 1966

Board of Aldermen adopted resolution by Finance Committee committing
the City to a 56 hour work week and a minimum two step salary increase
on January 1, 1967.

See Exhibit #17

For two factual statements regarding the strike, see Exhibit #16,
U. 5S. News and World Report of September 19th and Exhibit #19,

Close-Up, a News observation by Jim Rankin, dated October Ist.

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