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September 22, 1966

Atlanta Pirefighters Union Independent
1960 Lakewood Avenue, 8S. E.
Atlanta, Georgia


Regarding your “Pact ShSet" I am listing below my sentiments to your and
the City of Atlanta's predicament.

1. The city has no right to arbitrarily grant a raise unless it is
within the framework of the budget, since we the taxpayer const-
itute the working portion of that budget.

a. in my hometown, the firemen circulated a petition presenting
their case, and the people overwhelmingly agreed to the
necessity of the raise to insure the continuance of keeping
qualified firemen.

b,. I fer one, feel both the firemen and the police are far
under paid in this city and would cast my vote toe secure
the necessary revenue to offset the cost of living for
self-respect and the incentive for qualified applicants
te eur protection forces,

2. The firemen walked-out leaving this city in an exreety vere
able position in the event of an emergency and refused to seture
after a more than fair ultimatum had been issued, so I cannot
simpathize with your second statement.

3e Two main causes for fire insurance rates to increase are unsafe

: structures and inadequate protection such as Gh V8. rural. Any
escalation in Atlanta would have been due to inadequate protection
and net caused by a lack of equipment.

ke. The @lected officials did fire your wehbl-trained men, because they
refused to put duty first. The truth is we do not have adequate
protection due to the fact the firemen in question are mercenaries
and not dedicated to their position or duty. Under the present
conditions we would be better off with one driver per truck and
a bunch of trained chimpanzees than RartRg untold numbera of
unmanned fire equipment.

5. It is also the paramount duty of any person on a taxpayers payroll
te homor their obligation to provide safeguard for the security,
safety and welfare of the people residing in the commnity, You are
net going to win support with Ruether type action.

6. Yes, we are the victim of circumstances dus to hasty replacement
ef the discharged firemen, but I for one de not feel it has been
hasty enough. You have been coddled far longer than you should
have been.

I am greatly concerned with your "Fact Sheet" but I will not hold Mayor
Allen responsible since he didn't walk out --- you did. You can be very
thankful the Lord was watching over this city during the rioting for
Sherman's march would have been a campfire in comparison to SNCC's coek-
tail party or Atlante on a flaming sword,

In clesing, I want te thank the firemen who remained on duty and/er returned
to work fer they are the real victims of your irresponsibility and SOReRTe
eur highest praise.

Sincerely, 4.520 Senta Fe Trail, 8.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30331

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