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The Atlanta Firefighters Union Independent will and are ready
at anytime to start negotiations with the Mayor of the City of
Atlanta. We have always been ready. The Atlanta Firefightera
have agreed to accept Dr. Erwin D. Harrison's report. This
we tried to do before Friday, September 2.
Dr. Harrison, President, Georgia Institute of Technology, in
his mediator's report, gave the Union the option of a shorter
work-hour week or an increase in pay. The report was made
public. I will read in part from Dr. Harrison's report:
Option I: Reduce average work week from present 60 hours to one
of 56 hours, which permits a three-platoon operation. This is
a fairly common arr~ngement around the country. This reduction
in hours would be w,tde without any change in total compensation
so that hourly rate would be effectively increased from the
present figure by an amount slightly above 7%. It should be
emphasized that under this Option the total pay would not be
increased (aside again from any future pay inciease granted to
all City employees).
Opti on II: Maintain the present average work week of 60 hours and
to grant the presently employed firemen the fruits of the increase in the total wage bill which would have resulted from the
necessary employment of additional firemen if Option I were
selected. This increase would amount to 7.14% to be granted on
an "acr oss the board" basis. The Atlanta Firefighter s chose
Opti on II, that the increase in pay start September 1 or be
retroactive from January 2, 1967 to September 1.
We wer e and are ready to accept
Paul J. Ha llinan, Archbishop of
question of l egality be left in
Judge to act a s arbitr ator, and
both part ies .
recommendat i ons of
City of Atlanta, that the
hands of a Super ior Court
findings be bind ing on
The Mayor has refused to s it down with our Uni on at anytime
s ince August 31, and has refused any offer t o end t hi s dispute
by anyone. There are many i mportant peop l e who have tried in the
interest of public safety. We ask why has he refused.

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