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In 1962 11 desart.cits oF tue City of ..tisnta,
except the fire Vepartiu:ent wad their vork week
shortened to forty or forty-four ours, aid

ake y

Tne re:ibers of the «tlanta lire vepartlent fave
not had a reduction of hours since the -lan of
mproverent in Janusry 1952, and

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. deal y

‘iduS, The City of »atlanta, in the matter of re‘uired
work week for she rire Deoartiuent, sas not kept
pace with established practices in other\:2jor
cities in tne country, and

niwadiuwS, Lhe Gity of atlanta wersonnel Joarad nas eucoun—
tered «reat difficulty in procuring ana retaining
qualified applicints for the sire separt.icnt, cue
lirzely to tne lon work weei:, now therefore be it

RLSULV2D, That the cuayor cud woard of ..lder.uen of the City
of =: tlanta endorse, recouiend and establish by
ordinence covering the ire vepart:ent, a maxi-
mui work week of fifty-six hours (as tne first
step in estadlishin: a forty hour work week for
the Fire vepartiwent), and de it further

KuwOLViS, Chat such maximun standards be esteblisned with-
out reduction in say, and be it furtéer

TL.cOLVLD, That in establisniny a fifty-six nour vork week,
the tiree platoon system ve inaugurated, one
platoon Workin: tre Gay suift, one ¢latoon worke=
ing the night shift, and one piatoon bein. off,
eacn working four days and bein;; off tio days,
tue cycle tekins anproxi.uately 12 weeks to conm-
plete, at which tiie it would bej:in anew; and be
it further

nLOOLV:.D, That the fifty-six hour work week be established
With each plitoon raintaining its present struc-
ture and complisent of officers, ensincers,
drivers, tillerren, etc, which is now in effect
with tue two platoon system.


.dopted at tue meeting of tre uxecutive soard of Local j;134
interne tional «ssociation of sire #i:hters on wvecexber 29,
1965 and approved by tie full body on Januury 4, and January

11, 1966

Ue Ue biceViLR, President

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