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iLJ -A; ~ ti <UL ll v .u · \1
C 3 /l c)
Funds are not now avail able
either to shorten Atlanta firemen's workweek or r aise their
pay, lhe aldermanic finance
committee dec ided Fri day.
The action came after som e
400 firemen, their wives and
' supporters had overflowed th e
aldermanic ch ambe r at a public hearing. They asked that the
fire departm ent 's workweek be
cut to 5G hours from the present
60 hours and that time and a
half be paid for all hours o,·cr
The fin ance committee look
up the requests in executi,·e
session and wound up dec iding
that neither could be granted
immediately without r aising
By l\IAR IO!\' GAJ:i\ES
board salary r aises in any delaxes or the city's find ing some partmen ls.
new source of rcn!nuc.
All members of the fi nance
Th e aldermen made two con- commi ttee stressed that they
cessions, however, by adopting ~rer~ in sy~1path~ v:ilh the fireresolutions prom .sin g th at:
mern ob J e c ~ r v cs . But a_ll
(1 ) Tim e and a half ,rill agreed, too, mth .- Id . Charlie
henceforth be paid for firem an L,ef ~ncl,1, _th at !_} t c rrre~t c'.ty
called b;.ick lo dut,· in emer- 1b.1d .,.,~~ is as ti <>h. as its e, er
gency situations compLt- 1be~n . . 11 .,~ • ... ,,.
, • ,
ing their regu lar GO-h our wee ·. . ,complro .._'-' ,ch:t!·~~? .a , ;~
lt was estimated thi s \':ill cost lOJd the co,n_n.1t ce l ·"' imp.e
only some $5 000 to Sl0.000 a Dl l'illlll g th e ~6- lOllr week \',OU!ci
· '
· ·
rcq 11l!"e abr,ut 72 ac!cl1t1onal fireycc1r.
men at an ,rnn ua l cost ( based
(2J Th e 5G-hour week for fire- o_n lop pay s ca I CJ of some
men ,1·ill be given "The fi rst $526,052 .
consideration·• in clra\\· ing up
Paying lime and a half over
next year 's city budget o\·er
any r e q u e s t s for across-the- Conlinucc on Page 5, Col umn 1
~·e \'ver Hours
Continued From Page 1
40 hours for a 56-h ou r week
would co.;t about $704,618 a year·
and for a CO-hour week abou
$310,331 a yea r. Davis sa id.
At the publiC' hear ing. Capt. J.
C. Whitl ey told the aldermc
th at lhe city l':as practicing
"false economy" to train youn
mr n K firefighters and the
losr lh crn a short ti me later to
job wi th shorter hours ar.
wee ,ench anc holidays off.
S6 t. J. D. Garr ett pleaded fr-!'
irnplem cnt .1tion of the fi remen·
requests, dec laring: "\Ve can·t
strike ag;iinst you; all we can
do is quit and look for someth ing el , c."
Longtime Allanla businc. c
man Sam Rothberg urged
aldenmn to give the fireme n a
wage "that is just, fair a
right" even if it meant increasing laxes .
Insuranrrman l\T. M. (l\f gg,-;y) Smith sai d an imporlant
factor is '·the life hazcird- -\ · n
th ese mPn answer a fire ~ J
they nt\. r kw,w if they 'll c ~

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