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June 10, 1966

Mr. George E, Gill

District Director

Communications Workers of America
40 Pryor Street, S. W.

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr, Gill:

I appreciate your thoughtfulness in writing me during the trying
circumstances involved in our recent firemen's problems. Iam
a great champion of organized labor and the right of collective
bargining. I have publicly stated this on many occasions, and
carried out my beliefs in every possible instance.

My whole background and training has been a development of the
principle that the welfare of the public as a whole cannot be put

in jeopardy under any circumstances, In my opinion, the pro-
tective services of a city must accept their responsibility. This
responsibility cannot except the right to put tie public in jeopardy.

I cam assure you that Iam fair and reasonable.


Ivan Allen, Jr.


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