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Box 14, Folder 12, Document 82

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Friday, September 16, 1966
For Release 11:00 A. M.
The City of Atlanta has m operation this morning 25 fully
manned Fire Stations.
The t\1tal personnel in the department has now risen to
357 -- 313 of these employees performing actual firefighting
Sixty-seven new recruits have been assigned to stations
for in-service training and duty under the leadership of
experienced Firemen and Fire Officers.
We are able to maintain an on-duty shift strength average
of 175 firefighting personnel because of extended work hours
of those Firemen who have remained on the job.
Our attempts to recruit new men to rebuild the Fire
Department have been extremely successful.
Since Labor
Day the City Personnel Department has examined 327 applicants .
�Page Two
140 of these have passed the written examination and are being
processed for in-service training and firefighting duties immediately.
The Personnel Department is making plans to conduct a
recruiting campaign thro.u ghout the Southeast and through the
employment of new personnel and the extended work hours of
our experienced personnel, we should be able to place the
r- e,Q.'5l)Nl,.»' E:.,
remaining unmanned stations in operation within a ve:ry she-rt
period of time . .
The Personnel Offi ce at 260 C entral Avenue, S. W. is
remaining open until 7:30 p. m. Monday through Friday and
until noon on Saturdays to receive and process firefighters
I am reques ting all the citizens of Atlanta to practice good
fire prevention measures in their homes, businesses, churches
and schools.
A check-off list i s b e ing releas e d to the news media
f or self-ins p ection of your premises which, if conscientiously
adhe red to, can prevent fir es and pre s erve property.

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