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Box 14, Folder 12, Document 86

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The Atlanta Journa l
Atla nta, Georgia
Dear Sir:
It's doubtful t hat you'll pri ~t t his letter
s ince you're obviously backing t he City po litica l
machine , but you should know t hat the general p ublic
has nothing but comt empt for the so- ca lle d loya l
Loyal to wh om? Certainly not the citizens of
Atlanta. They know the l argest ob jection of the
st riki ng f iremen i s t he lowering of qua li f ica tions
t he city ha s been insisting upon - even to the extent
t ha t men l abele d as cowardl y and unfit by t he t ra ining
s chool have been put to work !
All of thi s, of cou rse,
brought on by t he low salarie s and long hours being
una ttract ive to t he qua lity of men needed .
I n rea lity - the striking men are t he men really
loya l to the people - t hey are willing to put everything t hey have , as i ndividuals , i n jeopardy, i n order
t o keep Atl 8 nt a ' s Fire Department on t he profess ional ,
level a city of thi s caliber should have .
These so-ca lle1 lo ya l firemen are simply afraid
of figh ting for what they know is ri ght - fear of
losing a paychec k - or an opportun ity f or a promoti on and in some cases , hoping to get an unearned posit ion
by default. In ot her words , t he weak members sta yed on
the job - refusing to even back up the men fighting for
them ~ I hope there are no fires i nvol ving lives beca use
the se men won 't take a risk.
Five-hundred fifty men are by far the majority.
They couldn't be all wrong !
I wonder how Mayor Allen can face t he citizens
knowing he could have averted this situat i on by simply
letting a Judge decide t he~ssue . His pride has Atlanta
in a dange rous and serious situa tion.

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