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April 3, 1968
To: Mayor Ivan Allen. Jr.
From: Dan Swe t
Subject: Atl nta Christian Council Civil Di orders Propos 1
The attach d statement was unanimou ly adopted Tue day by the
Atlant Christian Council. Johnny Robin on and Im t with the
Resolutions Committee dul'ing the morning to di cus thi
tat ment
with the members 0£ that committ
Th · minister ar
incerely interested in contributin dir ctly to
the Hmination of central city problems and are s eking realistic
ways in which to b come involved.
You will notice they want to finance luncheon or dinner which
you would ho t. What they r ally w nt to do i to organize an
Urban Co lition or help formalbe the Coluition which we hav
previously attempted to g t st rted.
They desi re to invit John G rdner down, who long with you,
would help draw int r ted leaders from all walks of life to the
dinn r me ting.
I will meet with Dr. Moore and members of hi committee Thursday
in an ttempt to develop specific: before the committee meets with
you next Wedn sday at 3:00 p. m . to outline their plans to you.
Such dinner would be held probably the w ek of May 6.
Fifi ld ha
ugg ted that it be held t hi church.
I think w
DS :fy
should support and encourage
g thering.
Dr . Harry

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