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April 3, 1968


To: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
From: Dan Sweat

Subject: Atlanta Christian Council Divil Disorders Proposal

The attached statement was unanimously adopted Tuesday by the
Atlanta Christian Council. Johnny Robinson and I met with the
Resolutions Committee during the morning to discuss this statement
with the members of that committee.

The ministers are sincerely interested in contributing directly to
the elimination of central city problems and are seeking realistic
ways in which to become involved.

You will notice they want to finance a luncheon or dinner which
you would host. What they really want to do is to organize an

Urban Coalition or help formalize the Cohlition which we have

previously attempted to get started.

They desire to invite John Gardner down, who along with you,
would help draw interested leaders from all walks of life to the
dinner meeting.

I will meet with Dr. Moore and members of his committee Thursday
in an attempt to develop specifics before the committee meets with
you next Wednesday at 3:00 p,m, to outline their plans to you.

Such a dinner would be held probably the week of May 6. Dr. Harry
Fifield has suggested that it be held at his church.

I think we should support and encourage such a gathering.

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