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State Highway Benne iil of Georgta
No. 2 Capitol Square tnd iekene



SHOR SPOOR en Atlanta, Georgia 3933) MM acta ensue

pee October 30, 1969
T-485-1(43)PE & I-485-1(46)R/W
Fulton County °

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor, City of Atlanta
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Attention: Mr. Jack Delius
General Manager of Parks

Dear Mayor Allen:

Over the period of the past year, we have had numerous meetings with
representatives of the City of Atlanta in an attempt to utilize several
areas adjacent to the above numbered project as joint development areas.
The intent was for the City of Atlanta to acquire the remainder of
designated parcels of property and develop mini-parks or utilize the
property as additions to now existing parks. The purpose of the plan
was to better tie the freeway into the existing neighborhoods.

The original idea ran into financial problems and could not be advanced,
however, we feel the idea is sound and should be undertaken. After
investigating the situation, we now find it possible for the State and
Federal governments to acquire these parcels as whole takes and actually
provide the landscaping of the designated areas as part of the project.
The only obligation of the City of Atlanta would be the maintenance of
these areas. To formalize the responsibilities in implementing this
plan, a formal agreement from the City of Atlanta to undertake the main-
tenance of these areas will be required.

Attached is one (1) set of prints outlining three (3) areas where joint
_ development is proposed and they are as follows:

1. Extension of Orme Park east of the proposed freeway between Virginia
Avenue and Crestridge Drive.

2. Area east of freeway right-of-way and Greenland Drive bounded by
Courtney Drive on south and Hillpine Drive on the north.

3. Area west of freeway right-of-way between intersection of BouEnney
Drive and San Antonio Drive. :

dade Coe Led JLo ldyg Ul e
Page Two
October 30, 1969

At present, no landscaping plans have been developed on these areas.
This will be done along with the construction plans for the project and
will be coordinated with your office.

There may be other areas available for joint development, however, the
location and limits of these areas will have a await final grading plans.
If other areas are available that satisfy the overall plan, we will
coordinate the development of these areas with your department.

If the City of Atlanta is interested in participating in this joint
development plan, please furnish this office with a statement of intent
to maintain these areas at your earliest convenience.

Revised right-of-way plans, which include the provision for these joint
development areas have been submitted to the Bureau of Public Roads for

Your prompt reply to this request will be appreciated and will help
maintain the overall schedule for completion of the project as presented
at the June 10, 1969 Public Hearing.

Yours very truly,


Lewis E, Parker
State Highway Urban Engineer

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