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The Urban Coalition
Federal Bar Building West/ 1819 H Street, N.
w. Washington ,
D. C. / 20006
Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiskell/ A. Philip Randolph
March 22, 1968
Mr. Stephen F. Keaiing
Honeywell, Incorporated
2701 4th Avenue, South
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dear Mr. Keating:
A good many people ask me what the difference is between the
Urban Coalition and the new National Alliance of Businessmen,
recently e stablished under the leadership of Henry Ford II.
I usually r e spond by emphasizing the two most obvious differences:
The Alliance is concerned solely with jobs while
the Coalition is concerned with the whole range
of urban problems.
The Alli a nc e i s strictly a bu s ine ssma n's venture
while we include mayors, union leaders, religious
and minority group leaders.
But more important than the diff e r e nces are the ways the Alli a nc e
a nd Coa lition c a n work tog e th er .
I h a v e discu ssed th a t qu e stion
with He n ry Ford II, a nd with Mr . Leo Beeb e who i s on l e ave fr om
the Ford Motor Company to give full time direction to the Alliance .
Mr. Gerard Phillippe, Cha irman of th e Board of Ge neral Electric
a nd Co-Cha irma n of the Coalition's Ta sk Force on Priva t e Emp loyme nt, joine d me for th e t a lk with Mr. Beebe .
We a rrive d a t f ull a gre eme nt c oncerning t h e re lation ship b e t ween
the Alliance and the Coa lition . All parties to the c onvers a t i on
a gr eed that th e r e is a great er pot ent ial for meeting ou r common
obj e c tives i n th e employment s phe r e i f our re s pective pro grams
are carried ou t in a c omp l ementary fashion. We pl e dged full
suppo rt to th e NAB effo r t .
National Coordinators : J ohn Feild / Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293 -1530
2 -
It is through local community leadership that both the NAB
and the Urban Coalition see their respective objectives
being accomplished. The NAB has designated a local chairman in each of fifty urban areas.
It is possible that the local NAB chairman for y our city is
already a member of your group.
If not, I urge that you
invite his active participation in .your efforts, and explore
with him ways in which the Coalition can be suppo~tive of
his efforts on behalf of the Alliance.
The NAB cha irma n in y our community is Mr. Dona ld C. Day ton,
Chairman of the Board, The Dayton Corporation, 700 Nicollet
Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402.
I look forward to our working together.
Since r e ly,
John W. Gardn e r
Cha irma n

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