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October 20 ,. 196 7
Dr . John W . Letson
Atlanta Public Schools
224 Central Avenue , S . W .
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
John i
1 am ute that you ar aware of the movement · t th n tional
level to develop strong coalition of urban interests in an eftoi"t
~o ej( tt more in!luence ln national pro gr me and priotitie 8 for
the b nefit 0£ our of.tie •
R pres ntatlve of business ,. labot .. civil rights , r ligion, educ tlon
d M yoi- · of ~ban clti s h ve joined together in n Urban Co ition
to provld coo,tdinated machin NY lor getting the stoty of our big
city probl m a.croe · to the n ti.on.
X am tt cht,ng eome information mated
on th Urb n Co lition.
Th s wW expl ln th b ckground
d goals of th n · tlonal teering
committe •
it h . s been r cognlz d from the beginning 'th t in ol'd r to b .
eliecth ,. local count t.,P i't co lition muat b _ d velop d in all
pa.l't of the country to upport th e go l • lt is my b U f that
for y t Atl
. ha b n abl to .-ow and pro p r throl.l h an
flectlv and lnforrnA]. coalition rel tionshlp ot bu. in •
d gov tn ...
m nt d with the uppo~ of th oth r a e
of inter et which a
" pal't of the national coaJ.ltlon effort. t b U.ev , ho V ft, th t
w ne d to
llttle more th co lltlon which
k e p our city movin
nd also to dev lop a. coalition el ti.on•
ship with th national Urban Coalition.
�Dr. Letson
Page Two
October 20, 1967
It is my thinking that an initial step would be £or us to get together
the top representatives of these key interest gl'oups to form a loc 1
coalition steering committee and invite the participation by other
organiiaed groups . The initial stee,.-ing comrnJ.ttee could be composed
of the Mayor, as chief elected official of the city., the President
of the Chamber of Commerce , the President of th Atlanta Labor
Council, the Pl'e ident of th Atlanta Chris~ C ouncil,. the Co• of the Summit L adership Coniet'ence, the Superintend.ant
of public education,- Wld the Chairman of the Citiz ns Centr 1
Advisory Council, who is the elected i,epl'esentative of participant
in the Economic Opportunity program.
I have drl.fted a statement which might be con ldet" d by this group
which recognhtes the need for local coalition and endorses the
declaration of princlplea of the national coalition. A copy of the
principles of the n tional co ition i al o ttach d for your
coneide ration.
By recognizing the xistence of coalition we will be · ble to bett ~
communicate urban p:robl ma and focus maximum re ourc; s upon
their solution .
In orde:r that we might con ider thl ps,oposal I h ve invited the
following p opl to me t with me at :my offic
Wedn d y , Octobet- 25. t 10:00 • m .:
at Clty Hall on
Mr. A. H .. Stern , P
Atl nta Ch mb r of Comme,-c
R v. S muel Will
C o.-.Ch irman
Summit L d :rship Conf t nee
Mr. R obert 1. BuU ~. Pre ld nt
Atlanta L bor CouncU
�Dr. Letson
Page Three
October 20, 1967
Rev. Bevel Jones , President
Christian Council 0£ Metropolit n
Atlanta , In.c.
Dr . John W . Letson
Atlanta Public Schools
Mr. Erwin Stevens , President
Citi~ens Central Advlsoty Council
Economic Opportunity Atlanta. Inc.
Sincel" ly your ,.
lvan Allen; JJ'.
M yo1t

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