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Mr. Lewis E. Parker

State Highway Urban Engineer

State Highway Department of Georgia
No. 2 Capitol Square

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

SUBJECT: I-485-1(43)PE & I-485- 1(06) RWW
Fulton County

Dear Mr. Parker:
Thank you for your letter of October 30, 1969.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to cooperate
with the State and Federal governments in providing
park areas along I-485 in the City of Atlanta.

The Atlanta Parks Department is prepared to assume
responsibility for the maintenance of the areas
designated in your letter. Mr. Jack Delius, General
Manager of Parks, has asked only that his landscape
architects be allowed to review and possibly influence
the landscaping plans for these properties. The Parks
Department staff has suggested these areas be developed
with tree planting schemes that woulda require very
little maintenance,

We hope that you will go further in acquiring a greater
number of partial takes of smaller size assuming the
Bureau of Public Roads will approve an expansion of
this program. The Parks Department recognizes the
possible benefits to the neighborhoods involved and

is willing and anxious to assume responsibility for
pat eeneenanee of additional smaller sections along

Mr. Jack Delius will ask the Parks Committee to introduce
a resolution to the Board of Aldermen on December 1,
1969, which would authorize a formal agreement from the
City of Atlanta to undertake the maintenance of the
designated areas as well as other possible areas.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.
ee: Jack Delius
Charlie Leftwich
Buddy Fowlkes :
Everett Millican Dan Sweat

Rodney Cook Collier Gladin
Cecil Turner Emory Parrish
Richard Freeman Joe E. Brown
Sidney J. Marcus Kd Garrard

Charles Robisch. Herschel Bryant

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