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An Educational Community Service Agency Covering Over 47 Years of Preventive Social Service

Le 521°2355 * 239 AUBURN AVENUE, N.E. ® ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303


October 23, 1967

Mr. Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor
City of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

We wish to congratulate you for forming an Urban Coalition Steering Com-
mittee along the lines of the National Urban Coalition,

This is to request that The Atlanta Urban League, Inc., be invited to be

a member of Atlanta's Urban Coalition Steering Committee. We make this
request because since 1920, our Agency has been concerned with urban
problems, particularly, in areas of Housing, Health and Welfare, Job De-
velopment and Employment and Youth Incentives and Education. We employ
the techniques of Community Organization in our attempt to do preventive
social work, We are an United Appeal Agency and should we have a success-
ful United Appeal Campaign, January, 1968, we expect to substantially add
to our community resources development efforts; which would greatly add to
the ability to communicate with the grass-root people in Metropolitan Atlanta;
both in the areas served by Poverty Programs and otherwise.

On the Urban Coalition Steering Committee, we would want to be identified as
an Educational Community Services Agency supported by all of the citizens of
the Atlanta Community.

We respectfully ask that this request be granted.
Very truly vours,

«Mh treed Must

Harold N. Arnold,
Executive Director


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