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December 1. !969
Hise Grae ~lley
1015 ~ shit veuue , N. B.
Atl nta, Geox-gf i 30301
leferene@:. Southel¼st Coroer of Notth Highland, N. E.
d Wa1hit Avenue• N. E.
Dear Mia
foT your lett•r of Nov ber 26th. on N~vember 28th ·t he
\ltlder i~ d, alo~e with the AAsiet nt G~ner 1 ~n ger rf Pat'ks,
e ior Adm.: .n atr t1ve A ist t fol' Fe r l Ai~.
the Ctty
Ar rt t vt it d then ov location.
'!bank yo
lt w~ the co S4m us of ·Opinion th t limited ,ark pcrsonn•l nnd
•qui ni CO\lld ,n ot be di rt 4 ftom are,sa already aasisn•d ae eur
tesponsibilit, to i
on additional reapon$ib1llties involving
property ot in QYnex-ahip by tbe Dep r en_t of I' rk$ . l'urtbermor, ,
1 'f&t1<>n of dle abo11e •it• ie ~\ICh that th mere planting of
gr u, tc:. would ~t enhance th• eneral area in that fi-om street
lea1 it would· be vtrt Uy unnot1~ri except t tht far end of the
prop,rty. J'illllll.:,,. it w..i• 1 diately ·ev1c1ent to the in1ptctien
t if~ - orary beautification were atC411BPted n thit latge
tr - ct of l
• • , Q\114 baw no, r•cour - o~ei- ~an to co tinue th _
pr ctt.ce ~ro~t th ,e ntire S~m tt>untain fl,"eew y project.
l o.Uy wJab that; we ha4 • f fictent va.ila.b le
pover to t q,or rUy
be itf7 dli• 1 catto.
tlft~ation t,a ut b~lne••, but I •ay to
y u t all etnc rtty that 7ou. ca atr•~ch 01\l.7 1D thin and I
f t hav l' - that P,Qtnt. I •hare' you • c
-- n. ·~QncerQ that
y, " ptpPei-u CJllfCet~ i-e e,xpecte ta ke_e p ,
h · • 111
- that th• eonatnct:l.on of th• 'ft!IW· fre•ayi wiu certunly
• t!J. i ~••
lbility ., ~ difficult.

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