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October 19, 1967
Mr . A . H . Sterne , Jr ., Pres ide nt
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
Post Offi c e Box 4418
Atlanta, Georgia 30302
Dear Billy:
I am sure that you are aw re of the movement t the national
level to develop a c oalition of ui-ban interest in an effo:rt
to exert more influEmce in national progfams and priorities for
the benefit of our cities .

Representatives of busin ss , labor, civil rights, religion , education

and Mayors of urban citi s have joined tog ther in an Urban Coalition
to provide coordinat d machinery for getting the story of our big
city problems cross to the nation.
lam tt ching om information materials on the Urban Coalition.
The e will explain the b ckground and goals of the nation l st ring
c;:ommitte .
It h
been ~ . cognh:ed from th beginning th t ln ord r to be
flectiv • local c:ounter-p rt coalitions muet b dev lop d in
p ts of th cou.ntry to Uppol"t thee goal · . It i my belief th t
ior ye rs Atlant has be n to gtow and p\tO p r through
~f! ctiv and inform l coalition rel tlonship of busin s nd gov rn•
ment and with th support of th oth r ~e
of int rest which r
a p n ol th nation co ltion tfort. I bellev • how v i-; that
w n ed to r cogni
Uttl more formally the co · 1tions which
keep our city moving and lso to d v lop a loc coalition r l tion ..
ship with th
tional Urban Coalition.
�Mr. Sterne
Page Two
O ctober 19, 1967
It is rny thinking that an initial step would be for us to get together
the top repre.sentatives of these key interest gJ'oupa to form a local
coalition steering committ~e and invite the participation by other
organized groups . The initial stee11ing committee could be composed
of the Mayor, as chief elected official of the city, the President
of the Chambe,: of Commerce ; the President of the Atlanta Labor
Council, the President of the Atlant Christian Council, the CoCha.irman of the Summit Leadership Conierence. the Superintendent
of public education, and the Chairman of the Citizens Central
A dvisory Council, who is the ~lected representative of participants
in the Economic Opportunity program.
I have dr · fted a statement which might be considered by this group
which recogniz s the need for a local coalition nd endorses the
declar tion of principles of the national coalition. A copy of the
principl s of the nation 1 coalition is also attached for your
By recognizing the existence of a co lition we will be ble to b tter
communicate urban problems and focus maximum re ource s upon
their solutions .
l:n ord r that w might consider this propoe , 1 have invited th
following p opl i o meet with m.e t my offic
t City Hall on
y, Octob r 25, t 10:00 • m.:
Mr. A. H. Steni , Pre id nt
Atla.n C mb r of Commerce
Rev. S mqel Willi ma
_ C o -Chairman
Summit Lead r hip C onference
Mr. obert J. Butler, P re s ld nt
Atlant L bor C ouncil

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