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ob A. H. Sterne, Jr., President 588-7123
Y ‘oeck Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
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oe _ Board of Directors - 34 members
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“pws 'THe main purpose is to bring in new businesses, encourage expansion
of present business, and create new jobs."
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Robert J. Butler, President ( 876-3096
Atlanta Labor Council © mS
Executive Board - 18 members
"to create better relationships between the affiliated labor unions and
keep them aware of civic and political happenings in the community and
take whatever concerted action we can to improve these,'!
ple Sam Williams ) 688-0206
cit aDeed Jesse Hill ) Co-Chairmen
Q. V. Williamson )

Summit Leadership Conference
Steering Committee - membership varies - approximately 25

Combination of all groups such as SCLC, NAACP, Grass Roots Council, etc.
and civic organizations for the "purpose of making Atlanta a better city".

Dr, John W. Letson, Superintendent \ 522-3381
Mr. Ed S. Cook, President a
Atlanta Board of Education

Board - 9 members

Purpose - To set policies and approve budget for Atlanta School System,
The Board is completely responsible for the operation of the School System.

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- Bevel Jones, President 875=4074 ~ -“ 9
r. Harmon D. Moore, Executive Director > Bow

Christian Council of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc.

Each participating church is represented by 2 to 5 delegates, dependent
on the size of the congregation, plus its pastor. Presently, there are 170
churches in the Council.

"It is a fellowship of churches, Christian organizations and individuals
involved in mutual ministries to the growing 5 county area comprising
metropolitan Atlanta, ........... The mutual ministries combined in
the Council are 3-dimensional; Social, moral and spirtual. The power of
group incentive moves into action, offering ways and means to meet total

Mr. Erwin Stevens, President 523-5791
Citizens Central Advisory Council
Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.

Council - 39 members (3 from each center = 33 -- and 6 members selected
by the Executive Administrator)

Purpose - To provide further representation from the poor at a city-wide
level in the administration of the Economic Opportunity program,

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.

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