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Mr, Cecil A, Alexander, C
Housing Resources Committe
Fineh, Alexander, Barnes, Rothschild
lLOth Floor Standard Federal Building
uk Broad Street, N. W.

tlanta, Georgia


Dr. Sanford S. Atwood, Co-Chairman
Housing Resources Committee
President, Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Dr, Benjamin EH. Mays, Co-Chairman
Eousing Resources Committee
President, Morehouse Coliege
Atlanta, Georgia


Mr. Charles L. Weltner, Attorney
The First National Bank, Suite 2943
2 Peachtree Street

Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Donald Hollowell, Regional Director
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
1776 Peachtree Street, N. W.

Atlanta, Georgia

Honorable Luther Alverson, Judge
Fulton County Superior Court

136 Pryor Street, S.'W.

Atlanta, Georgia

Mr, Archer D. Smith III, Attorney
Harmon and Thackston

1944 National Bank of Georgia Sidg.
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Norman L. Underwood, Attorney
Sanders, Hester ..d Holley

1001 Commerce Building

Atlanta, Georgia

Morr 2 71
May Shy zk


and Paschal, Architects


Dr. Edwin Harrison, President Chairman
Georgia Institute of Technology

225 North Avenue, N,. W.

Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Herman J, Russell, Contractor

504 Fair Street, S. W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30315

Mr, Moreland Smith, Director Vice-Chairman
Urban Planning Project

Southern Regional Council

5 Forsyth Street
Atlanta, Georgia

L > =

N. W.

Rev. John A, Middleton, President
Morris Brown College

673 Hunter Street, N. W.

Atlanta, Grr-_ *-

Me. Henry F, Alexander, Builder
2439 Fernleaf Court, N. W.
Atlanta, Gecrgia

My, dames Moore, President
Atlanva Labor Council

15 Peachtree Street, N. E.
Room 208

Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Dean Harding B. Young
Atlanta University

223 Chestnut Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr, Lee Burge, Pr : Chairman
Retail Credit Com

P. O. Box 4081

Atlanta, Georgia

Me, Butler T, Henderson
Assistant to Dr. Mays
Morehouse College

223 Chestnut Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Page Three

FINANCE (continued)

Mr, Mi Jfe, President

outhern National Bank

Mr. Joseph Earle Birnie, President
The National Bank of Georgia

Peachtree at Five Points
tlanta, Georgia 30303


Wir, Augustus H, Sterne, Pr
The Trust Company of Georg
36 Edgewood Avenue, N. E.
Atianta, Georgia 30303


Vr, Gordon Jones, President
The Fulton ...cional Bank

P, O. Box 4387

Atlanta, Georgia 30302

NON-PROFIT FUNDS (Combined with Finance Panel)

Mr, A. B, Padgett, Executive Director
Metropolitan Foundation of Atlanta
1423 Candler Building

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Mr, Hamilton Douglas, Jr., Attorney
National Bank of Georgia Building
Avlante, Georgia

m Holmes Borders, Pastor
Baptist Church
rive, S. W.

Dr. Rufus Clement, President
Atlanta University

223 Chestnut Street, 8. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Me. John Wilson, President
Horne Wilson Company

163 Peters Street, Sg. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

Page Four

NON-PROFIT FUNDS (continued)

Mr, Albert Love

Executive Vice President
The McCall Corpooration

P. O. Box 1000

Doraville, Georgia 30040
Mr, Seott Houston, Jr., Executive Director
Wesley Woods Apartments

P. O. Box 15463

Atlanta, Georgia 30333


ir, Edwin L, Sterne, Chairman

Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta
639 Trust Company of Georgia Building
Atlanta, Georsia 30303

r =

Dr, Albert Manley, President
Spelman College

350 Leonard Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Me, Leonard Reinch, President
Cox Broadcasting Company

1601 West Peachtree Street, N. FB.
Atlanta, Georgia

Me, Clarence D, Coleman Regional Director WEKKXE Chairman
‘National Urban League

136%% Marietta Street, N. W., Suite 2)2
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr, Charles F, Palmer, President
Palmer, Inc., Palmer Building

4] Marietta Street

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Mr, Wallace L. L
Atlanta Gas Lighi
P. 0. Box 560°

Klante,. Georgia 30302


Mr, Clayton R. Yates, President
Yates-Milton Stores

228 Auburn Avenue, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Jim E. Land
4 Chief Engineer for Georgia
Bonnet Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company
805 Peachtree Street, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Vivian Henderson, President Acting Chairman
Clark Collese

240 Chestnut Street, S. W.

Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. J. A. Alston, President Atlanta Real Estate Board Representative
Empire Real Estate Board Mr. Stewart Wight
Alston Realty Co. Wight, Couch & Ward
at ant ee Ave. N. E. 15 Peachtree Bldg., Room 822
Ss SOCIAL PROBLEVS T af Pr HK 2 fporeia 30303 Atlanta, Georgia 30303

deceased ee ere aes eee Administrator
Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
101 Marietta Street, x. We
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Duane Beck, Executive Director
Community Council of the Atlanta Area, Inc.
1000 Glenn Building

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Mrs. Sujette Crank, Social Director
Neighborhood Services, E.0.A., Inc.
101 Marietta Street

Atlanta, Georgia

Dr, Tobe Johnson,

Professor of Political Science
Morehouse College

223 Chestnut Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Dean William Ba Jackson Chairman
A clanta Universt ty

2ce3 Chestnut Street, S. W.

Atlanta, Georgia
Page Six


ir, Eewin Stevens, Chairman

igens Central Adviscry Committee, E,0.A.
Parsons Street, S. W.

nta, Georgia

Mr. Lewis Cenker, Attorney

2045 Manchester, N. E,
Atlanta, Georgia


Mr. Virgil Milton Chairman
3626 Tuxedo Road, N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Edward L. Simon, Auditor Vice-Chairman
Atlanta Life Insurance Company

148 Auburn Avenue, N. E.

Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Harlee Branch, President
The Southern Company

3390 Peachtree Road, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia

ir. CC. Arthur Jenkins
Director, Industrial Relations
Lockheed Company

Marietta, Georgia 30060

Mr. Roland Maxwell, President
Davison's Department Stores
180 Peachtree Street, N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia


Mr, James L. Townsend
Townsend and Associates
1014 Healey Bldg.
Atlanta, Georgia

aAt +5 Sana
Mr. D lark Chairman

Mr, Lete ¢G
Director o
ee ee

i551 Briarcliff Road, N. EH.
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr, Ray Moore
News Director

1601 West Peachtree Street, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Me. Jim Wood Vice-Chairman

News Director, WAOK
110 Edgewood Avenue, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia


Malcolm D, Jones, Director
W. W. Gates, Consultant

Miss FoyeoMoKnisns , secretary
Bissnntas Peas

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