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SEPTEMBER 12, 1967

Chairman: Secretary:
Mr. Robert M. Wood Mr. Michael H. Trotter
General Counsel Attorney
Sears, Roebuck & Company Alston Miller & Gaines
675 Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E. 12th floor, C & S National
Atlanta, Georgia 30308 Bank Building
Phone: 875-8211 Atlanta, Georgia
Res: 18 Chathm Road, N.W. Phone: 524-3241
Phone: 233-3705

Res: 120 Biscayne Dr., N.W.
Phone: 355-8148

Vice-Chairman: Treasurer:

Mr. Franklin W. Thomas
General Secretary
Butler Street ¥.M.C.A, Atlanta, Georgia

22 Butler Street, N.E. Phone: 523-8282

Atlanta, Georgia Res: 380 Waterford Rd, N.W.
Phone: 524-0246

Phone: 799-1473
Res: 290 Flagstone Drive, S. W.
Phone: 344-2685

Mr, Fletcher Coombs
205 Auburn Ave., N.E.

Member at Large:

Mrs. Rhodes Perdue

2012 West Pace Ferry Rd,, N.W,.
Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 355-9508

Mr. John W. Cox

Chief Herbert T. Jenkins

Executive Director Atlanta Police Dept.
Atlanta Children and Youth 165 Decatur Street, S.E.

Services Council Atlanta, Georgia
1201-B City Hall Phone: 522-7363
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Res: 654 Morngsdel Dr., NE,
Phone: 522-4463, Ext. 437 Phone: 522-7363

Res: 1800 Memorial Dr., S.E.

Phone: 378-0340

Mr. Jack C. Delius

Dr. John W. Letson
General Manager Superintendent
Atlanta Parks Department Atlanta Public Schools
City Hall Annex 224 Central Ave., S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 522-4463, Ext. 311 Phone: 522-3381
Res: 215 Piedmont Ave., N.E.

Res: 92 Laur& Dr., N.E.

Phone: 688-0925 Phone: 237-3161


Mr. Frank R. Carmines

180 Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 522-1300, Ext. 281

Res: 5535 eon Dr., N.W.
Phone: 255-459

Mr. Dejongh Franklin

First National Bank Building
24th floor

Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 521-1200

Res: 1585 West Pace Ferry Rd, N.W.

Phone: 355-0224

Mrs. Vivian Henderson
1209 Foundtain Dr., S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 758-1201

Mr. G. Arthur Howell
Hass Howell Building
6th floor
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 522-2508
Res: 3727 Tuxedo Rd., N.W.
Phone: 233-1369

Mrs, Mae Yates

Mr. Ocie J. Irons
1275 Capitol Ave. S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone:, 525-9225

Res: 2063 Handy Dr., N.W.
Phone: 799-5444

Mr. Jerry Luxemburger
Gamblerell & Mobley
3900 First National Bnk. Bldg.
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 525-8571

Res: 568 E. Wesly Rd., NE.
Phone: 237-8380

Mr. Frank A Player
531 Biship Street, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 351-3481

Res: 146 W. Wesley Rd.,NW
Phone: 233-3512

Mrs. Mary Sanford
Perry Homes Extension
1660 Drew Dr., N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 351-6711

Res: 1521 Drew Dr., N.W.
Phone: 351-5101

Executive Director
Carrie Steele Pitts Home
667 Fairburn Road, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 799-7431

Res: 1221 Hunter Rd., N.W.
Phone: 753-0768

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