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Atlenta, Georgia


Price Neighborhood Service Area

Capitol Homes

Wesley Community Centers, Inc.

Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation

Wesley Community Centers, Inc.
9 McDonough Blvd., S. E. 30315
(In Bethlehem Center Bldg.)

Bethlehem Center Serving Carver Homes, Joyleuad,

9 McDonough Bivd., S. E. South Atlanta, Sugar Hill,
Washington St., High Point

Capitol Homes Center Serving the Capitol Homes Area
175 Woodward Ave., 5S. E.

Richardson Street Center Serving Mechanicsville
342 Richardson St., S. W. ;

Legend: Definition of Needs

Wesley Centers for many years have offered some supplementary recreational
services in each of its neighborhoods in order to meet more individualized
needs. In assessing our services over a period of two years, we find that
the needs in each of our neighborhoods have increased. The resulting verbal
demands for additional recreational services are surpassing our ability to
meet them; since our primary unit of service is to the small club group, and
our staff's orientation and training is rarely, if ever, in the field of

We feel that reacreational services are needed and that we can end should
help, but realistically we cannot do it alone and continue to do justice
to our other program rieeds.

Program Plan

Purpose: To improve and expand the recreational services in each of the
service areas (Price Service Area, Capitol Homes Area, and Mechanicsville)

1.. To offer more opportunities for participation through a variety of
activities on the Play Grounds and in the Gym.

2. To create additional teams which will offer a variety of choices
and opportunities for the young people in the neighborhoods.

3. To offer some experiences in arts, crafts, and dance.

Responsibilities: Wesley Centers, Inc.

1. General maintenance of building and grounds and provide the utilities.

2. Share the cost for major repairs of equipment.

3. Share in the supervision of staff in relation to direct work in each
of the units; and assume some responsibility for the evaluation of
services and worker performance.

Progrem planning with staff in harmony with the philosophy and

policies of both Wesley Centers and City Recreation.

Act as the agency in settling disputes which are agency related.

Insure that any person who comes can be served in harmony with the

“open door" policy of City Recreation.

Assure that the staff's direct obligations to City Recreation are

carried out.

« Schedule conferences as needed to assess the program, needs, effect-

iveness and worker performance.

- Assume some recountability for equipment pees and maintenance


wo eo A Wu

Responsibilities: City Recreation
1. Share the cost for major repairs on equipment.
2. Help furnish needed equipment and other supplies.
3. Provide necessary staff in each of the units to provide for an
adequate program,
4, Work in harmony with policies (list of 10 rules attached) of the
agency which govern the behavior of the members of the agency.


5. Schedule conferences needed to assess program, needs, effectiveness

and worker performance.

6. Allow time for staff to participate in program planning, supervision,
and in-service training when these do not interfere with direct work.


Bethlehem Center

1 full size gym with spectator
searing, showers, rest rooms,
and stage.

1 Softball field (needs minimum
ground work)

1 Small playground with swings,
slide, bars and merry-go-round.
(Needs minimum ground work)

1 Outside paved court. (Needs
minor repairs)

1 Small paved patio court. (Needs
minor repairs)

1 Paved drive to outside courts.
(Needs pot hole repair)

Equipment: Skates (inside),

basketballs, volleyballs, mats,
horecshoes, ping pong equipment.

Richardson Street Center

1 Small play ground

1 Medium play ground

1 Small outdoor skating area
1 Geme room (separate)

Capitol Homes Center

1 play ground
1 large room for crafts,
table games, and dance.


Two workers-full time or part
time, 6 days a week, 40 hrs.

Additional needed equipment and

Some ground work and repairs on
outside courts.

2 workers, full time or part time.
Additional game room and play
ground equipment.

Some ground work on the medium
size play ground and skating area
is needed.

1 full time worker or part time
male and female workers.
Equipment for play ground and
crafts. :
Additional equipment and supplies
for game room and crafts.

1 worker - Senior Citizens

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