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September 14, 1967


Urban Leaders to Act
for Minority Group


Group Asks Convocation
of Both Kansas

An Urban Coalition was
formed yesterday of top
community leaders to con-
centrate on programs to
provide jobs for unem-
ployed members of minor-

ity groups.

The coalition agreed to call a
community - wide convocation
from the two Kansas Citys to
consider the primary goal of
finding jobs for the unemployed.
Secondary goals to be under-
taken later will be to improve
housing and education for dis-
advantaged citizens, most of
whom are Negroes.

For Group Here

A group of 18 leaders met
yesterday at the invitation of
Mayor Ilus W. Davis to form a
local group patterned after the
national Urban Coalition which
held a convocation the last
week in August in Washington.
It was organized outside federal
government sponsorship as a
result of citizens concern over
urban riots and inequality of

At the meeting yesterday at
the Hotel President were repre-
sentatives of local government,
top business executives, civil
rights groups and the clergy.
Absent were labor leaders al-
though five labor leaders were
invited to the meeting.

D, Peter Newquist, assistant
to the mayor, said he had been
told the labor leaders were una-
ble to attend because they were
involved in labor negotiations or
were out of town.

Bishop Joseph V. Sullivan,
auxiliary bishop of the Kansas
City-St. Joseph Catholic diocese,
said the group would need the
support of labor.


October 12, 1967

4000 Jobs Hunted
By Urban Coalition

Methods of providing jobs for
hard-core unemployed will be
discussed Oct. 27 at a luncheon-
information meeting of Gary’s
Urban Coalition.

A panel of educators, employ-
ment counselors, employers,
government officials and civil
rights leaders will convene in
the Hotel Gary then to search
out job problems in Gary.

The Urban Coalition is a fed-
erally sponsored group of local-
ly interested citizens organized

to coordinate and implement

existing and new programs in
employment, education, train-
ing, housing, reconstruction and
equal opportunity.

Mayor A. Martin Katz called
for the latest meeting of the
group to interest private in-
dustry in providing as many
as 4,000 jobs for Gary’s unem-

Attending this conference will
be the major employers in the
Gary area and representatives
from various educational and
training groups, and from the
employment agencies.

Katz said the obvious real
need is to match the require-
ments of business and industry
with available resources and up-

‘grade the full potential of our

total manpower resources.

The plans for the conference
on employment were outlined
by George A. Jedenoff, general
suprintendent of U.S. Steel's
Gary Steel Works, who was
named to ‘organize and chair
the conference proceedings.

Jedenoff noted that this con-
ference can serve as a real
benefit to Gary by bringing to-
gether the various groups inter-
ested in making the maximum
use of the Gary human re-

‘The employment phase of the
four-point basic principles sub-
mitted by the Urban Coalition
Steering Committee calls for
fair employment; basic train-
ing for employees under exist-

ing programs; education plans
to assure upward job mobility;
re-examination of methods to
eliminate any practices that
may unnecessarily bar qualified
candidates; full cooperation
with responsible agencies de-
‘voted to the improvement of
inter-group relations within the
community; and further partic-
ipation in the Gary community
of Plans for Progress under the
Committee of Equal Opportun-
ity appointed by President John-

- §on.

The steering committee sub-
mitted this program for the
Urban Coalition and is chaired
by George R. Coker, executive
director of the Urban League
of Gary.

Its members include: Joseph
Radigan, Republican candidate
for mayor; Richard G. Hatcher,
Democratic candidate for may-
or; L. I. Combs, builder and
president of the Gary Chamber
of Commerce; Jedenoff; Mat-
thew Glogowski, superintendent,
Budd Company; James Breed,
manager, NIPSCO; Leo Lewis,
manager, Gary - Hobart Water
Company; Al Jackson, man-
ager, Illinois Bell Telephone
Company; Rev. William Paris;
Robert Gordon; Marion O.
Mitchell, manager, Sears, Roe-
buck & Company; Mamon Pow-
ers, Powers & Sons Construc-
tion Co. Inc. and Walter Ridder,
publisher of The Gary Post-

Others on the Steering Com-
mittee include Curtis Strong;
Orval Kincaid, United Steel-
workers of America; Donald
Belec, school board; Mrs. Ber-
nice Terry; Harold Hagberg,
Northwest Indiana Bldg. & Con-
struction Trades Council; Rob-
ert Gasser, Gary National
Bank; Ray Daly, Bank of Indi-
ana; Reverend 5. Walton Cole,
president, Council of Churches;
Rev. Julius James, president,
Gary Human Relations Commis-

- Sion; and Glen Vantrease, city

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